How to View the Job History of Connectors

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View the status and detailed information of a sync job within a Connector at any time.


Requirements/Tools Needed:


Getting Started

1. Click your user name (email) in the right-hand corner to expand menu options, and select Connectors.



2. Select the Connector you wish to view.


3. Select the Job History tab from the menu.


4. From the Job History tab, a Job History Log displays status of the sync, name, creation date, duration of sync, and number of products impacted.


  • A. Status: View the status of the sync which includes Completed, Completed with Errors, In Progress, and Error. Status can be filtered.
  • B. Name: Name of the job, which can be searched and sorted by alphabetical order.
  • C. Created at: Date and time of the initiation and creation of the job.
  • D. Duration: Duration of the sync. Hover over the time to see specific time records.
  • E. Products: Number of products included in the sync.
  • F. View Details: View additional details like the number of created products, number of failed products, and download your log file.

5. You can also view the Job History from your Devices page. Select the Connector from your Devices.



6. From the Overview tab, click See Full Job History under Last Sync.


You'll be directed to the Job History tab on the Connectors page.




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