Real-Time Warehouse Availability Issues

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The real time warehouse availability feature enables the kiosk to advise customers if an item is in stock at the warehouse. Occasionally, an error appears that states "There was a problem checking availability":


There are three options on to fix this error:

  • Device is Not Online
  • Ashley Direct Password has Changed
  • Warehouse is Down

Getting Started

Device is Not Online

1. To ensure your kiosk is online, tap and hold the store's logo, which is located on the top left corner of the kiosk screen, for 10+ seconds until a secret menu pops up.


2. When the logo menu appears, determine the status of your internet connection.


Please Note: Alternatively you can also sign in to your Catalog App Manager (CAM) and check the device's online/offline status.

3. If the device is offline, ensure WiFi signal in store is working, or if using a wired connection, ensure the cable is plugged in. If a WiFi signal needs to be configured, follow the steps outlined in this article.

For Ashley Furniture Only: Ashley Direct Password Has Changed

If your Ashley Direct password has changed, the warehouse availability feature will not return any values. To get this issue resolved, submit your new credentials directly in the settings: 

Warehouse Availability Service is Down

1. Check the status of the Catalog Kiosk by visiting Catalog Kiosk Status. This is a good opportunity to subscribe to updates, to always stay in the know on system status.


2. If Catalog Kiosk Status shows the service is down, the Wondersign support team is already working towards resolution, and the system should be back up shortly.

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