How to Prioritize Locally Stocked Items (Prioritize In-Stock)

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Always display products first if they are in stock at your store and warehouse. This setting lets you prioritize in-stock items over the chosen product sorting rule on your kiosk and tablet app.


Requirements/Tools Needed:


Getting Started

1. From your Catalog App Manager Dashboard, click Devices and then click Device Group Settings.



2. From the Device Group Settings, select Inventory Configuration.



3. Go to the Prioritize Local Inventory row. The default setting is OFF. To bring in-stock items always to the top of the search results and category overview on your kiosk and tablet app, select the ON radio button.


Click Save Changes.


4. Sync your device to apply these changes immediately.

Click here for instructions on how to manually sync your device(s).



Your local inventory will now appear first in search results and category overview pages - regardless of the chosen default product sorting method.




Please Note: This applies to "Local" inventory only. Local inventory is consumed from your POS/ERP system and is not the manufacturer's real-time inventory.

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