How To Export Manufacturer Inventory Data

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Requirements/Tools Needed:

  • Sign in to using the Google Chrome web browser
  • You are subscribed to our BASIC, mPOS, or DATA API plan. If you are on a Legacy plan, contact sales to upgrade your account.

Getting Started

1. Click Content in the top navigation menu and select Export Data from the drop-down.



2. Use the radio button to select Export Manufacturer Inventory Data:



3. After you select the radio button a Warning Message may appear. This message notifies you which of your data feeds do not support or include inventory data and that they will not be included in the export.

Click Finish to proceed with downloading your file.



4. You will be redirected to the Export Summary page where you can view a recap of your export and access direct links to helpful resources. Click Download File to access your file via CSV.



5. Your CSV spreadsheet file will include all inventory data and a header row to define the content in each column.


  • A (brand): the consumer brand of the specific product.
  • B (locations.currentQuantity): the current number of pieces with an In Stock status.
  • C(locations.futureAvailabilityDate): the date in which the SKU will be In Stock.
  • D (locations.futureQuantity): the future number of pieces that will be in stock and have a current In Transit status.
  • E (locations.locationName): the manufacturer's name for the location the inventory data is 
  • F (sku): the unique product SKU.
  • G (status): the availability status of the product and how it is shown in your Wondersign Account and Catalog App.

Columns B-E will repeat if there are multiple warehouse locations.


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