Send Product and Cart As Text and Email and Website Buttons Have Disappeared

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If the Send as Text/Email feature on the product page is no longer visible on the kiosk preventing guests from sending a product and/or cart by text or email message, and/or the Browse to... websites feature is disappearing or stops working on your device in the Catalog Kiosk app, this indicates a loss of internet connection. 


As soon as a connection has been established again, the icons, features, and links will reappear, no reboot necessary. 


Example of Missing Send as Text/Email icon


Getting Started

1. Tap and hold down the Home icon or store logo in the top left corner of the Attractor Screen for 10+ seconds in the Catalog Kiosk app to verify the kiosk is online.


2. The side panel opens with information about the device and status. Verify the WiFi icon/signal in the top left corner is green to confirm the device is online and connected to the internet.


3. If the WiFi icon/signal is gray, the device is offline. Troubleshoot and resolve the device WiFi signal or connection to:

If and once you have confirmed your device is online, use the following steps to check the Send as Text/Email and Browse to Websites features using the Catalog App Manager settings.


4. Log into the Google Chrome web browser on your desktop computer, tablet, or kiosk device.


5. Sign into the Catalog Kiosk App (CAM) using your email address and password credentials to edit the content and features displayed on your Catalog Kiosk app.


6.  Click Devices in the top navigation menu.


7.  Click Device Groups > Settings on the side panel in the right to update the device group configuration settings.


Please Note: Click a device line item in the Devices section on the left to update pricing and/or a website for an individual device. Use the Device Groups > Settings in the right side panel to edit the pricing, websites, and send as text and email communication settings for all devices assigned to the group.


8.  Click the Store-to-Shopper Communication menu to expand the section.


9.  Verify Send is selected for both the Send email to shoppers and/or Send text messages to shoppers fields to ensure the email and text message communication features are enabled on the Catalog Kiosk app.

Please Note: If necessary, update the Send email to shoppers and/or Send text messages to shoppers options to Send and add or modify the applicable fields for the section. 


10.  Click Save Changes in the top right corner to ensure any Store-to-Shopper Communication setting options are updated and saved in the CAM.


11.  Click Devices in the top navigation menu. 


12. Click Sync Devices to update the devices assigned to the selected device groups.


13. The Send as Text/Email and Browse to websites features should now display on your device in the Catalog Kiosk app.


Send as Text/Email icon on Product Details Page


Send as Text/Email icon on Your Cart Page


Send product or cart as Text/Email Form


Browse to... Websites Hamburger Menu | Side Panel

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