How to Connect Your Shopify Store with Your Wondersign Account

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Use the Direct Sync (Connector) between Wondersign and your Shopify store to keep products, pricing, and inventory in constant sync. Fully automated.

Requirements/Tools Needed:

  • Subscription and Admin access to your Shopify account
  • Sign in to using the Google Chrome web browser

Getting Started

1. In the top right-hand corner, click the account management menu (your email address), and from the drop-down select Connectors.



Please Note: If the Connector menu option does not appear in your account, your subscription plan doesn't include this functionality. To upgrade to a plan that includes the Connector functionality, please contact our sales team


2. Select Shopify from the available integrations.


3. Click Install App.


4. You will be redirected to the Shopify app store where you can select to install the Wondersign Catalog Kiosk App. Click Add app.


If you are not already logged in, you will be directed to log in to your Shopify account.


5. Continue the installation by clicking Install app.


6. The Shopify Connector is now installed as indicated by the blue check mark on the connector. Now, click the Shopify Connector tile to configure it.


7. Configure your Shopify connector by clicking Create a Virtual Device


8. Complete the required information.


  1. Name - Name your new virtual device by clicking on the pencil. (e.g. "Shopify Store" or "My Website")
  2. Address - input the address to associate with your online store. (In most cases this is your physical store or warehouse address)
  3. Timezone - select a timezone for your virtual device.
  4. Wondersign Connector - select your newly connected Shopify store from the drop-down menu.
  5. Initialize settings from Device Group - select the device group you would like to use for the virtual device settings. This will determine what catalog(s) and products are loaded into your online store.

Click Finish.


Next Step:

Configure Connector Sync management settings

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