How to Configure Your WooCommerce Virtual Device (Sync Management)

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Requirements/Tools Needed:


Getting Started

1. From the CAM Dashboard, click your Account Settings (email address in top right) and select Connectors from the drop-down menu.


2. Select WooCommerce Connector.


3. Select the Sync Management tab in the navigation on the left.



4. Category Hierarchy. Define how the connector manages your category structure.

  • From the 2nd level forward (default) - The category structure will skip the root level (department level) and start from the 2nd level forward in WooCommerce. Example: Living Room > Sofas.

  • From the Root level forward - The category structure will start from the root level (department level) forward in WooCommerce. Example: Furniture > Living Room > Sofas.


Please Note: Changing these settings triggers a complete sync between our Data API and WooCommerce.


5. Tag Management. Define how the connector manages product tags in WooCommerce.

  • ON (default) - All tags are managed by Wondersign. The Connector will create, update, and delete WooCommerce tags at the global and product level based on our product data feeds.

    When selecting this option, the system will display a confirmation dialog warning that this action will replace all existing product tag data in your store, including manually created tags and tags created by other 3rd party plugins.

  • OFF - Product tags are not managed by Wondersign. Tags are not managed by the Connector.


Please Note: The WooCommerce Connector does not yet have write-only options for WooCommerce tags, attributes, and categories. It will delete any WooCommerce tag, attribute, and category not created by the connector. Advanced tag, attribute, and category management for WooCommerce is coming soon.


6. If changes have been made, click Save.



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