How to View Product Price Change History and Subscribe to Price Change Notifications

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Users can view price changes from the Manufacturer, a historical log of these changes, and subscribe to receive price change notifications in their Commerce Automation Manager.


Requirements/Tools Needed:


Getting Started

1. Click Content from the top navigation.

2. Select Products from the Content drop-down menu.


3. Search and select a product you wish to view. 


4. From the Product Details page, click Pricing.


5.  Under the Actions column, select View History.


6. A pop-up will show the Latest Cost Updates


To subscribe to receive price change notifications, follow the next steps.


Subscribe to Receive Price Change Notifications via Email

7. Click the link in the Latest Cost Updates pop-up. 


Alternatively, you can navigate to your Account Settings and then select Price Settings in the left menu bar.

Price Notifications.png

8. From the Price Settings tab under your Account Settings, click Enable Price Change Notifications (flip the switch). Then enter the email address(es) for notifications to be sent. Separate multiple email addresses with a comma.


Please Note: You will receive notifications for all your data sources as a default setting, however you can customize which update notifications to receive for specific data sources by selecting or deselecting its toggle.


9. Click the Save Changes button in the right corner.

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