How to Change Image Offline Storage Settings

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For large catalogs with multiple brands, we recommend limiting the number of images per product. This is to avoid running into low storage problems on your Chromebox.

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How Do I Know My Storage Space is Running Low?

You will receive an Email Notification to your account email address, warning you of low storage space on your device. The email will contain a link to this article to help you adjust your settings.



1. From the Dashboard, select Devices. In the Device list, you will see a warning icon next to any devices that are experiencing issues with low storage. Click the device for more information.



2. The Overview Tab - under the Status section - displays a warning message (in red) that not all images have been downloaded due to low storage space. Use the following instructions to update your settings to make room to download images for more products.



How to Change Image Offline Storage Settings

1. In the main menu, select Devices, then click Device Group Settings to adjust this for all devices in that particular device group. To make changes to individual devices, click the device in question.



2. Now, select Advanced Configuration to expand it.



3. Go to Image Offline Storage. Choose between Unlimited or Limit and use the drop-down to adjust the number of images to display per product.


Please Note: The default is "Limit to 4 images per product". This is recommended for large catalogs to ensure enough space on your Chromebox. You can choose to limit up to 9 images displayed per product.


4. Click the green Save changes button. To apply the changes to your devices, sync to update your device.


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