What Does the Connectors Status Mean for my Virtual Device?

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Wondersign Connectors sync your customized and fully priced catalogs to additional destinations of your choice - for example, your website, POS system, and sales tablets. You can view the status of your Connectors from your account.

Requirements/Tools Needed:

Getting Started

1. From the Dashboard, click Manage Devices or Devices from the top navigation bar.


2. There you will find a list of Devices and information about each Device. For Connectors (virtual devices) the columns include:

  • Type: Connector
  • Status: Active, Ready, or Stopped
  • Name: BigCommerce Sync (Virtual Device), Shopify Sync (Virtual Device), etc.

Active - A green check mark will indicate your device is active, and syncing current data.


Ready - A yellow checkmark indicates the connector is idle and is ready to sync.


Stopped - A red X notifies you that a device is not connected due to an error.


Hover over the Stopped status indicator to review the error message. This will help you troubleshoot the issue.


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