How to Add or Change External Websites on the Kiosk

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Add websites, such as information about a protection plan, your social media site, a video resource, or a financing site, so they can be accessed right from within the kiosk app.


Please Note: The kiosk needs a stable Internet connection to display websites. For security reasons, popup windows are not supported. Certain websites cannot be displayed or appear distorted depending on the kiosk hardware (e.g. ELO 22" All-In-One devices) due to the mobile browser used.


External Websites are supported in all our native apps on Chrome OS in kiosk mode, Android tablets and kiosks, and iPads. The Desktop App (Progressive Web App) does not support external websites as it's already running in a Chrome browser.


Requirements/Tools Needed:

Getting Started

1. Navigate to the Device management page of the Catalog App Manager by clicking on Devices from the navigation menu across the top of the page.


2. To update the websites on an individual device, click on the name of the device (1). To update websites on a group of devices, click on the Settings icon for the desired group (2).


3. If updating websites on an individual device, click Settings on the Device detail screen.


4. Navigate to the Advanced Configuration section and click on the drop down arrow, then choose Show to enable websites on the kiosk.


Please Note: If updating websites on a group of devices, go to the Device Group settings to make changes. You won't have to override settings.


5. Once websites are enabled on the kiosk, other options for managing websites will be made available. The Website Menu Label field will affect what your guest will see in the hamburger menu. By default, the app displays "Browse To...".


You can add your own label in the text field as soon as you add more than one website. When adding one website, the website name (as described below in step 7) will be used in lieu of the Website menu label.




6. The URL field is where web addresses for the sites can be entered. Please make sure to include the protocol (e.g. https or http) for a full URL. Example: 




7. The Name is the label name that your guest will see on your device. They will not see the URL.



8. Once the desired information (URL and Name) has been entered, click Add this website.



9. Use the handle bars next to each website to drag and drop them. This changes the order in which they are being displayed on the kiosk.



10. Click the gear icon to delete a website. Click Delete from the drop-down. Please note that there is no confirmation message. The site is immediately deleted.




In case a site is mistakenly deleted, scroll to the top right and click Undo Changes.




11. Once you have completed your changes and are satisfied with them, scroll to the top right and click Save Changes which will make the changes available with the next download.




12. To push the update to your devices immediately, go to Devices and either Sync All Devices or click on the desired device and click Sync Device individually.



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