How to Set Up Podium as My Text Message Service

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In the Wondersign Catalog Kiosk App, shoppers and RSAs have the ability to share products and entire shopping carts via Text Message or Email. Retailers have the option to use Wondersign's default text message provider that comes built-in, or they can utilize a sophisticated, two-way SMS conversation platform.


Podium is a conversational SMS marketing platform. Retailers that use both Wondersign and Podium services* can receive text responses from shoppers in their Podium inbox.

*Certain plan levels required for Wondersign and Podium. Contact us at to confirm your subscription.


Requirements/Tools Needed:

  • If you are already on one of our current subscription plans, the Podium integration is included in your plan. If you are on one of our "legacy" plans, please contact your Wondersign Account Executive or email to upgrade. If you are unsure, reach out to a Wondersign team member to check your subscription level.
  • When upgrading your subscription: Once your plan has been confirmed, our Team will enable the feature for your account.
  • Sign in to using the Google Chrome web browser.


Getting Started

1. Navigate to your Account Settings (top right).


2. In the Settings menu, click SMS Provider Settings. Select Podium from the Outgoing SMS Provider drop-down.



Default Location

3. For a single location, copy the Podium Location ID, provide this ID to your Podium Integration Specialist, then skip to step 7 below. Wondersign can help! Please contact our Support Team to get this information over to Podium's integration team.



Please Note: Your texts will continue to send from Wondersign (Default) until step 7 is completed.


To Continue:

  • If you are setting up a SINGLE device location for Podium, SKIP to step 7 below.
  • If you are setting up MULTIPLE device locations for Podium, continue with step 4 below.


Multiple Locations

4. Under Podium Location Management, click Add New Location.


5. Configure your device groups as follows:

  • A: Group ID: This is the unique ID that needs to be shared with your Podium Integration Specialist when setting up your account. 
  • B: Name: This is the custom Name of your location. We recommend using the same Location name you have set up in Podium so you can easily recognize where the SMS responses will be received. For example "Orlando" (using the city and/or store name).
  • C: Associated Device Groups: Select the device group(s) that you want to be assigned to the location. Any consumer responses to the texts sent from these devices will automatically be routed to your associated Location inbox in Podium.
    • For any device that is not assigned to a Group ID, responses will go to your default location in Podium. 



6. Once your locations have been configured, please copy the A. Podium Location ID, B. Group ID(s) and C. Name(s), then provide it to your Podium Integration Specialist. The Podium Specialist will set up the Location and Group IDs with the associated Locations in your Podium account. 


Set Live

7. Once your Podium Integration Specialist confirms that your Location ID and Group IDs have been added to your Podium account, select the checkbox for ID is Live in Podium and click Save Changes.




Your integration is now live and all text messages are now being sent from your Podium account and SMS responses will automatically create a new conversation in your Podium Inbox.


Please Note: This workflow respects the business hours in local time that you have set up in your Podium account. If you would like the integration to run outside of these hours, please contact your Podium representative so they can update that for you.

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