How to Activate & Manage Devices

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Requirements/Tools Needed:


Getting Started

1. Click Devices in the top navigation menu to navigate to the Devices screen where a new device can be activated for your account.

2.  Click Add New Device on the Devices screen. 


3.  Complete the required fields on the Create a New Device screen as follows:

  • Name: Enter a unique device name to allow easy identification of the device (i.e. location in a store).
  • Pairing Code: Enter the six-character pairing code for the device.



  • Address: Enter the physical address where the device is located.

  • Timezone: Enter the local timezone where the device is located, if applicable.

  • Initialize settings from Device Group: Select the Device Group that the new device will belong to from the drop-down menu.


4. Click Finish to finish adding the device.

The Device Details screen will appear once the kiosk is activated. 


5. Click Settings to allow further customization settings on the device beyond what is imported from a device group.


6.  The Catalog Kiosk app downloads all the products and images.


7. The Attractor Screen displays once the Catalog Kiosk app is fully operational.

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