Manual Chrome OS Reload (Chromebox 4 & Chromebox 5)

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Please Note: It is not recommended to reset your device using this method unless explicitly instructed by a Wondersign support agent. Please contact us for troubleshooting over the phone, toll-free at 1-855-408-9966.


The following instructions are for Chrome OS recovery.

Requirements/Tools Needed:

  • 8GB+ USB drive or SD Card and its content will be wiped clean to allocate the Chrome OS files. Please make sure the USB drive is empty or back up its content before proceeding.

  • Computer with the Google Chrome browser installed, if you don't have Chrome installed, install it from here:


Getting Started

1. Open the Google Chrome web browser.

2. Install the recovery app which you can find at this address:


3. Open the recovery app by clicking the green ‘Launch App’ button.

4. Click ‘Get Started’.

5. Click Select a model from a list, or type in the model number of the Chromebox. In most cases, the model number is located on a sticker at the bottom of the Chromebox.

6. After entering or selecting the model, click Continue.

7. Insert a USB flash drive or SD card (Minimum 4GB storage available) into the computer.

8. In the dropdown menu, choose the USB flash drive or SD card you inserted.

9. Click Continue.


10. Click Create now.


11. When you see a message saying that your recovery media is ready, safely remove the USB flash drive or SD card from the computer.

12. Put a paperclip (or pushpin) into the recovery button hole, located on either the side  or back of the Chromebox:


13. Press and hold down the recovery button with the paperclip while turning on the device.

14. Take the USB flash drive or SD card and insert it into the Chromebox, the Chromebox should recognize the flash drive and start the recovery process automatically.


Once the OS installation is complete, the device will automatically restart. At this point it is safe to remove the USB drive. Now, proceed to enrolling the device by following the Enterprise Enrollment instructions.

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