How to Install the Desktop Version of the Catalog Kiosk App

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Follow the instructions below to learn how to install the Catalog App for your desktop or laptop computer.

Requirements/Tools Needed:

Getting Started

1. In Google Chrome, browse to



2. Click on the Installation icon in the browser bar and click Install...


install icon.png

3. Upon successful installation a shortcut for the app is placed on your desktop, and your Catalog Kiosk App launches in full-screen mode.



Use this shortcut in the future to launch the Catalog Kiosk App on your desktop.


5. Once you have installed the Catalog Kiosk App, activate and pair your new device to your Catalog App Manager.

Please Note: Using a non-Chrome browser will result in the following unsupported browser error:



Please Note: Recommendations for the minimum storage on your device heavily depends on the size of your catalog and the number of product images. A general recommendation is 500K (kilobytes) per image plus a buffer for the operating system and other Apps.

For example, if your catalog has 20,000 SKUs and is displaying the default of 4 images per product (total of 80,000 images), our storage recommendation would be 40GB for the images and app data plus an additional 5 to 10GB for other services to avoid running out of total hard drive space (total of 45 - 50GB of storage space). For information regarding the minimum Chrome version for your device, read here.

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