How to Connect Wondersign to Your BigCommerce Store

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Connect your Wondersign Commerce Automation Platform to your BigCommerce store to sync your master catalog and pricing to your BigCommerce web store. The connector also lets your customers complete their product purchases on their mobile phones, or on desktops/laptops online.


In this article you will learn how to:


Requirements/Tools Needed:

  • Sign in to (Commerce Automation Manager [CAM]) using the Google Chrome web browser


Set Up Your BigCommerce Connector

1. Click the account management menu (your account email address in the top right) and click Connectors. (If you do not see the Connectors menu, please contact our Sales Team)




2. Select the BigCommerce tile from the available options.



3. Click the Install App button.




4. Find the Catalog Kiosk app by typing the name in the search field. Now, select the Wondersign Catalog Kiosk app.


5. Click the Get This App button.


6. Click the Install button.




7. Click the Confirm button.



8. Log in to your BigCommerce store with your store owner credentials.




9. From here, log in to the Commerce Automation Manager (CAM) with your Wondersign account credentials.




This will install the Wondersign Connector App for your BigCommerce Store. The BigCommerce Store grants permission for Catalog Kiosk to:

  • View and modify carts.
  • View and modify channel listings.
  • View and modify channel settings.
  • View and modify checkouts.
  • View and modify content on checkout pages.
  • View and modify basic store information.
  • View general store information.
  • View and modify marketing information.
  • View and modify products.

When the installation is complete, the system will redirect you back to the BigCommerce connector's page in CAM, where you'll see the BigCommerce Connector installed as indicated by the green checkmark on the status.




Set Up Your Virtual Device


1. In CAM, on the BigCommerce connector's page, click the BigCommerce tile from the available options.



2. Select Create a Virtual Device to connect your product catalogs to your BigCommerce Store.




3. Fill in the virtual device form fields.

  1. Name (required; in most cases retailers call this "My BigCommerce Store" or "Website")
  2. Address (required)
    • To edit this field, click on the pencil button at the end of the field.
    • While typing, a list of Google available addresses is displayed according to the text typed.
    • Only accepts selected addresses available from Google.
    • When the address is selected, its timezone is set as the device's timezone.
  3. Timezone (required)
    • Standard timezone name format.
    • You can change it to a different timezone if desired.
  4. Type (required)
    • Automatically set to 'Connector'.
  5. Wondersign Connector (required)
    • Only available when the device type is a Connector (virtual device).
    • Displays the list of available connectors, and displays the format as Connector name (your store domain).
  6. Initialize settings from Device Group (required)
    • Dropdown with the available device group list.
    • When the device is created, it will get its initial settings from the selected device group. This will determine which catalogs will be initially selected to be fed to the web store.


4. Click Finish.



Your virtual device has been created. The initial virtual device settings will be inherited from the defined device group.

The system will redirect you back to the BigCommerce Connector page after the creation is complete, where it shows the new virtual device assigned to the BigCommerce Connector.


Congratulations, your BigCommerce store is connected to the Catalog Kiosk app!


The next step is to configure your Connector settings by following the instructions in this article: How to Manage Connector Sync Management Settings. 


How to Delete Your BigCommerce Connector

1. If you need to delete the connector, click the Delete option on the Connector Settings page in CAM.



The system will redirect you to the delete connector page.

If the Wondersign Connector App is connected to the BigCommerce Connector, then:

  • A message appears informing you that, in order to delete the connector, you will need to go to the BigCommerce Store and uninstall the app.

  • The button "Go To the BigCommerce Store" is available.

Only the store owner can install and uninstall apps in the BigCommerce store.


2. Click Go To the BigCommerce Store and log in to the BigCommerce store with your store owner credentials.



The system will redirect you to the Apps page of the BigCommerce Store, where the Wondersign Connector App is listed as installed.


3. Click the Uninstall link.




When deleting the Wondersign Connector App, the BigCommerce Store sends a removal request to CAM. When CAM receives this request:

  • It automatically deletes the BigCommerce Virtual Device from CAM.
  • It automatically deletes the BigCommerce Connector from CAM.
  • It sends an accepted removal response to the BigCommerce Store to confirm removal.

The system will redirect you to the Connectors page in CAM when the uninstall is complete. The BigCommerce Connector is no longer showing connected, the checkmark indicator is gone.

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