How to Apply for Financing through the Catalog Kiosk

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The Catalog Kiosk app allows your guests to apply for financing at anytime while using the kiosk. 

Getting Started

1. Tap the Apply for Financing button located in the top menu bar.

Please Note: Since the Apply for Financing button is in the top menu bar it will always be visible.



2. Enter the cell phone number in the Phone Number field. (This is a required field.)

3. Scroll through the terms of service to read them in full and tap the box to indicate the terms of service have been read and agreed to. (This is required.)

4. Tap the Submit button.


Please Note:
After the Submit button is tapped, a text message will be sent to the cell phone number in the Phone Number field. The text message will include a link to begin the financing application.


5. Check the mobile device for the text message and click the link provided to begin the application.



Application status and approvals can be managed through your financing platform.


If you are interested in working with Wondersign's Financing partners visit  


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