How to Use the Real-Time Inventory Feature

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The Real-Time Inventory feature allows your guests to check the availability of any item at the manufacturer's factory (and in your own local showroom and warehouse inventory) in real-time including if an item is currently in stock, temporarily out of stock (with a restocking date if available), or entirely out of stock. The feature also allows the display of inventory count for current and future inventory.

Please Note: The Real-Time inventory feature is only available for our current plans (Basic or Data API).

Requirements/Tools Needed:


Getting Started

How to Check the Inventory in the Catalog App Manager (CAM)

1. On the top menu bar under the Content tab select Products.


2. On the Products Overview page use the Manufacturer Inventory column to view the inventory status of products at a glance.


3. Filter the product results by inventory status (In Stock, In Transit, Out of Stock, N/A) using the drop-down menu.


4. Hover over the inventory status to preview details about the stock amount per warehouse location.


5. Click the product to view more product details.


6. From the Product Details page click the Warehouse Inventory tab.


7. The Local Inventory section lists the inventory quantities per your local inventory locations.


For more information on how to manage local inventory visit the article: How to Import and Manage Local Inventory.

8. The Manufacturer Inventory section lists the inventory quantities per warehouse location.


How to Check Inventory in the Wondersign Catalog Kiosk App

By Individual Products

1. Navigate to any item and open the product detail page.

2. Tap the Specs tab (unless the Specs tab is already the default tab).


3. The real-time inventory check is run automatically. Tap See details to view more information.


4. The pop-over window displays manufacturer inventory alongside your local inventory locations and the quantities available at each. The order of warehouses and their names are customizable.


By Collections

Browsing collection "hot spots" and adding collection items to the shopping cart will also display the Real-Time Inventory information automatically.

1. Tap Collections to browse from the Collections tab.


2. Tap on a product hot spot. The real-time inventory check is run automatically.


3. Check inventory for items by adding them to the shopping cart. Add items by tapping the buttons on the right panel or by using the cart icon.


4. Items can also be added to the shopping cart by tapping the hot spot of the product to view more details and then tapping the shopping cart icon. The Real-Time Inventory information will be displayed in the cart/basket preview on the right.


Inventory Status Messages

In Stock

A green checkmark will indicate that the item is in stock. If the quantity setting in CAM (Catalog App Manager) is set to Show then the quantity will also be displayed in parentheses.


Temporarily Out of Stock

A yellow exclamation mark will indicate the item is temporarily out of stock, along with a message indicating the date the item will be back in stock. If the quantity is configured in CAM to be shown, the quantity will also be displayed in parentheses.


Out of Stock

A red exclamation mark will indicate the item is out of stock.



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