Elo 22" Generation 1 'End of Life' Device

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What's going on with my device?

These first-generation (Gen1) I-Series kiosks reached "End of Life" status almost 5 years ago, in early 2019.

They are using an outdated Android operating system (version 4.4.2) which can not be updated, leading to security vulnerabilities and many unsupported features. As an example, the last security patch from Android for these devices was in 2017.

As of December 31, 2023, Wondersign will no longer guarantee the functionality or support of Gen1 Elo 22" I-Series Kiosks.


What does this mean for me?

For Elo Gen 1 22" Devices - as of December 31, 2023:

  • Wondersign will no longer be able to provide technical support to troubleshoot these devices.
  • There is no guarantee of seamless app performance.
  • No software upgrades will occur for the Wondersign Catalog App.
  • New features will not be available: See all unsupported features.

Due to their age, these devices are limited in storage space and processing power - which severely impacts its usability as well. As we continue to advance this essential retail tool, we test and recommend current devices for an optimal user experience.


What are my options?

New Devices

Generation 4 22 I-Series The newest generation of the 22 compatible with our App. Starting at $1,269.png

Pricing is subject to change. Existing Wondersign customers (US customers only) benefit from replacement discounts and free shipping. To request a quote or discuss all device options, email sales@wondersign.com or call 855-408-9966.

What can I do with my 'end of life' device?

If you decide to replace your 'end of life' device, see the recommendations below for how to use your kiosk or dispose of the device.

Reminder: These devices no longer receive updates from Android, so there is no guarantee they are compatible with other Apps or services. The devices are locked into Android version 4.4.2 which received its latest security patch update in 2017 - 6 years ago. The current Android OS version is 13.

Option 1: EloView

If you wish to keep your device and schedule other content on it, you can enroll it with your own EloView account. EloView is the device management platform that allows you to manage the device remotely and deploy content on it. An EloView subscription is $14.50/month per device**. You can sign up directly on Elo's website.

**Pricing is subject to change, please discuss directly with Elo.


Option 2: Disposal

If you are no longer interested in managing this device, please follow any e-waste disposal policies you may have. Or you can choose to donate your hardware to an interested party. Please be sure to inform them that this is not a consumer-grade Android device. It's a professional-grade kiosk that is controlled by the EloView device management platform.



Is there a temporary solution until the device is replaced?

The Wondersign Catalog App license that comes with your subscription can be used on any certified device, such as iPads, Android tablets, Windows Surface tablets, and even desktop/laptop computers. While you wait for your replacement screen or new kiosk, you can use the app on any compatible device at no additional charge.

Desktop App.png

For tablets, we offer apps in the respective app stores. Download the App from the Apple App Store (for iPads) and Google Play Store (for Android tablets), and it can run on Windows Surface tablets. 


Questions? Contact our support team at support@wondersign.com or call 855-408-9966.

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