How to Uninstall the Shopify Connector

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The following instructions walk you through deleting the Wondersign Shopify Connector. and re-installing the Connector. 


Requirements/Tools Need:

  • Sign in to using the Google Chrome Browser.
  • Access to your Shopify Account

Getting Started

These first steps must be completed to uninstall the Shopify Connector

1. From the dashboard in the Commerce Automation Manager (CAM), click your Account email in the top right corner, and select Connectors from the menu.



2. You'll be directed to the Connectors page. Click the Shopify Connector.



3. Select the Delete tab from the menu on the left.



4. If the Wondersign Connector App is connected to Shopify, then a message will appear to uninstall the app from your Shopify Store. Click the Go To the Shopify Store button.



5. You'll be directed to the Apps page of your Shopify Store where the Wondersign Connector App is listed as installed. Click Delete.



6. A popup window will display requesting to inform the reason for deleting. Select the reason and click Delete.



7. When deleting the Wondersign Connector App from the Shopify Store, it will automatically delete the Shopify Virtual Device and the Shopify Connector in your Wondersign account (CAM). 



8. Continue to Install the Shopify Connector. 

When the uninstall is complete, you will be redirected to the Connectors page in your account (CAM). The Shopify Connector should no longer have a checkmark.



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