How to Price Products by Manufacturer or Consumer Brand

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Create pricing rules for your products by Manufacturer or Consumer Brand of that item. 


Requirements/Tools Needed:


Getting Started

1. Once signed in, click the Content tab in the top navigation and select Prices from the drop-down menu.



2. Select
Manage Pricing Rules.


3. Click Add New Pricing Rule and Name the Rule




4. Search for the Manufacturer or Consumer Brand(s) you would like to create a pricing rule for by typing the name, and selecting the auto-suggestion from the list / clicking the enter button to add the brand. If this price rule applies to multiple brands, keep adding them.




5. Select the blue Define Pricing Calculations button on the right side.




6. Choose the displayed pricing you would like to set or adjust by selecting: Retail (your price), List (the comparison price), or Rental /Financing.




7. The pricing details can be adjusted using the Catalog App Manager's built-in pricing calculations.

Define the Base Price by selecting from the following:

  • Cost
  • Cost (MSRP if available)
  • Cost (do not exceed MSRP is available)
  • MSRP

Next, click Add expression here to add a mathematical expression or rounding rule.




8. To add a Mathematical expression - choose between multiplier, gross margin, or markup:

  • Multiply by: multiplies the selected base price with the factor entered into the field
  • Add markup: the percentage difference between the base price and the selling price
  • Add gross Margin: the desired gross margin percentage applied
  • Subtract: a fixed dollar amount subtracted from the base price
  • Add: a fixed dollar amount added to the base price
  • Divide by: a fixed value to divide the base price by




When adding a rounding expression, select Round up to nearest or Round down to nearest and add the dollar and cent amount. To round up to the nearest full number, simply add "00" to the cent field.

The maximum adjustment - when enabled - makes sure that rounding expressions don't alter prices by more than the defined amount.


A product has a base price (cost) of $325. You multiply by 2 for a retail price of $650. You round up to the nearest 19.99, so the item would be sold at $719.99. If you enable the Maximum Adjustment and set it to $50, the rounding operation will be cancelled and the item sold at $650.




9. Select Save Changes in the top right corner.

Your brand rule has been created and is now live. You will see the prices reflected on your App during the next scheduled sync, or you can update your device instantly with a manual sync.




Please Note: All Product Pricing Rules are prioritized based on the hierarchy you rank them on your pricing overview page.

For example, if you set a pricing rule for the Chest Category and that rule ranks above your brand rule for Ashley Furniture, all Chests will be priced based on your calculations for the Category rule - regardless of the brand.

The Advanced Product Pricing Engine allows you to use multiple product attributes when creating rules so you can specifically target Ashley Furniture Chests for your pricing rule.




You can also update pricing for products by brand by using the CSV Importer. For more information on using the importer, visit our help article: Pricing Products by Brand via CSV Importer.

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