How to Show Pricing in "Send as Text/Email"

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You can choose to include or hide pricing when kiosk users choose to share a product or cart via the "Send as Text/Email" function. If selected to show, a disclaimer message will also appear on the text message landing page and/or the email message.


Requirements/Tools Needed:


Getting Started

1.  Once logged in, click the Devices tab in the top navigation, and select the Device Group Settings of the device group you wish to edit.



2. Scroll down and select Store-to-Shopper Communication.



Scroll down to Show Prices in Shared Product Emails and Texts.


3. To include pricing in shared product texts and emails, select SHOW and the following disclaimer will appear:

"You are now including price information in customer-facing emails and text messages. Please make sure to review the disclaimer message that will also be included."


Click the Go to Disclaimer link.

4. The default disclaimer "This email does not constitute a binding offer. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice."


  • To edit the disclaimer: Click the copy button, paste the text in the box, and make any changes.
  • To create your own disclaimer: Type your new disclaimer in the box.

Please Note: If you do not choose to show pricing, no disclaimer message will appear in the user-facing text or email messages.


5. Scroll all the way up and click the green Save Changes button in the top right. To apply the changes, sync your devices.



Disclaimer: Consumer-Facing View

Here are examples of the standard disclaimer being displayed on the text message landing page as well as in the email from the consumer's point of view.




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