How To Repurpose A CN60 Chromebox Device As A Computer

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The CN60 Chromebox model is no longer compatible with the kiosk mode (due to it being 'EOL') and therefore can't run the Wondersign kiosk application. It can be refurbished to work as a regular Chrome OS computer. This guide explains how to reset the device and use it as a regular computer running Chrome OS.


Requirements/Tools Needed:

  • Paperclip
  • 4mm Torx Security Allen Wrench (to access kiosk stand)
  • USB Keyboard
  • Monitor
  • CN60 Device (Chromebox)
  • A Google Account


1. Power 2. USB


4. Displayport


Getting Started

1. Access the Chromebox, which is typically located in the kiosk stand cage. You will need a 4mm security Allen wrench for this. Turn off the Chromebox


2. Connect the USB Keyboard to the front of the Chromebox, and insert a paperclip into the recovery button hole.



3. Press down the recovery button (be careful not to press too hard) by pushing and holding the paperclip in the recovery button hole (you will sense resistance) and power on the device.


Please Note: the image above is for an Asus brand Chromebox. The power button may look slightly different with a different model but will be located on the front or top of the Chromebox.


4. As the Chromebox boots up, a yellow/orange exclamation point will appear. Now, press Ctrl+D on the attached USB keyboard.



5. When the below screen appears (Turn OS verification off...), press the recovery button by pushing the paperclip into the Chromebox recovery button hole again.



6. The screen will display a red exclamation point and a message "OS verification is OFF". Once you see this screen, press the space bar on the keyboard, then press Enter to confirm.



7. The below screen appears, and the Chromebox will reboot.




8. After rebooting, the Chromebox will display the first setup screen. Use the Tab key on the keyboard to navigate to the "Select a Network" section. After configuring your WiFi connection, select Continue. Use the "Tab" key to navigate and "Enter" to confirm. Alternatively you could also connect a USB mouse to the Chromebox.



Please Note: If you are using a wired LAN connection, there is no need to choose a WIFi network; the Chromebox will connect automatically.


9. Please read the Google Chrome OS Terms carefully, and then select Accept and Continue.



10. Once the login screen appears (see below), Sign in with your Google account. You can now use this device just like any regular Chrome OS computer (similar to a Chromebook) for emails, web browsing, file sharing via Google drive etc.




Please Note: As a reminder, this device is considered “end-of-life” (EOL) by Google and they will no longer provide support or OS updates for these devices.

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