How to Manage Cart Configuration

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Learn how to manage and configure the settings for the shopping cart feature in your Catalog Kiosk App.


In this article you will learn how to:


Requirements/Tools Needed:

Getting Started

1. Select Devices from the top menu bar.


2. Select the device group you want to customize by clicking the Gear Icon.


3. Click the Cart Configuration menu to expand the section.


Enable or Disable the Cart

4. To enable/disable the basket or cart function in the app select Enable or Disable.


Enable or Disabled Saved Carts

5. Allow Saving Shopping Carts gives you the ability to name and save shopping carts in the app to access them again at a later time. Select Enable or Disable.



Change the Cart Label

6. The Cart Label allows you to select the icon that appears in the app for adding items to the cart. You can choose from: Cart, Basket, Lightbox, Favorite, and Wishlist.


Set Cart Timeout

7. The Cart Timeout will impact the time that the kiosk will retain the items in the cart before resetting and clearing the basket. Use the drop-down menu to select a designated amount of time.


Set Cart Email Address

8. The Cart Email Addresses will be the email address(es) that receive all orders that are submitted through the kiosk. Add multiple email addresses by separating them with a comma.


Cart Price Display

9. Select what pricing is displayed on the Checkout page in the app. Choose from: Retail Price Only, Retail Price & List Price, Retail Price, and Rental/Lease Rates.



Include or Exclude Prices in Cart

10. The Include prices in cart email section is a setting that is not visible to the consumer. The cart emails are only sent to your designated emails and those who access the emails. It provides your sales associates access to an itemized list of shopping cart contents while entering the order into the point-of-sale system. Select to include or exclude prices in the cart email.


Enable Discount Input

11. The enable discount input enables sales associates a way to manually include a discount during the checkout process. Select to enable or disable.


12. If the "Enable Discount Input" is enabled, you have the option to set a security pin in order to enter the discount. In the Enter Pin to enable discount select to enable or disable.



How to find, set, or change your security pin: 

  • Click on your email address in the top right corner and select Settings.
  • Under Account Details, enter an Order Security PIN.



Checkout Methods

13. Choose your preferred checkout methods*.

For in-store checkout:

  • Send Cart Contents as Email to Store  
  • Send Cart Contents to Webhook  
  • Transfer to POS System 

For online checkout: 

  • Send Cart Contents to Shopper With Link to Website  

*A minimum of one checkout method must be selected.



Push Checkout Data to Third Parties Using Our Webhook

To push checkout data into third-party systems - such as POS software or an ecommerce site - you can use our built-in webhook. To integrate with a wide array of third-party systems, we recommend using a platform like Zapier, which allows you to create webhook URLs and connect them to apps such as Square POS, Quickbooks Online, Facebook Shop, Shopify, and many more.


14. When "Send Cart Contents to Webhook" is enabled, the Webhook URL section appears under "Checkout Methods".

Enter your Webhook URL (from your third-party software or Zapier) into the text box.

Now click the Test Webhook button to send a test shopping cart to the Webhook URL. Please confirm in your third-party system or in Zapier that the test contents were received.




Checkout Form Fields

15. Choose which form fields you want to be included in the shopping cart checkout form, and designate which fields should be required. Fields include First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, Zip Code, State, Country, Sales Associate, and Notes.



In-Store Checkout Appearance

16. In-Store checkout appearance allows you to customize the following:

  • Icon - which includes a Shopping Cart, Shopping Basket, Shopping Bag, Dollar Sign, Credit Card, Store, and Tag. 
  • Info Text - with a call to action with a max of 150 characters. 
  • Button Text - with up to 40 characters.





Edit the Order Confirmation Message

17. The Order Confirmation Message is the pop-up message that appears on the screen after a shopping cart is submitted from the app. Use the text box to customize and edit the message.



Sales Tax

18. Choose to Show or Don't Show Sales Taxes. Customize your sales tax options:

  • Tax Name 
  • Rate 
  • Display Name 

Drag and drop tax rates to change the order of display. Sales associates can choose from the defined tax rates during the checkout process. The first configuration is used as the default value.


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