Troubleshooting TSI Touch Frame on LG Screens with Chromebox 4 or Chromebox 5

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This article is for customers that use an LG monitor together with a Touch Frame (Overlay) from TSI Touch. Newer Chromebox models (Chromebox 4) require a change to the Touch Mode or the Touch Frame will not work.


The Touch Mode of the Touch Frame that is attached to the LG monitor needs to be set to "Auto". The software needed to make this adjustment is only available with a Windows computer. After this process is complete using a Windows computer, touch will be functional with the Chromebox 4. or Chromebox 5 


Requirements/Tools Needed:

  • Unplug your Touch Frame USB cord from the Chromebox and plug it into a Windows PC.
  • Download PulseIRController from this link on the Windows PC connected to the frame.

Getting Started

1. From the downloaded .zip file, right-click the folder and extract the contents to a location of your choice. Open the extracted folder and locate the PulseIRController application as shown below.



2. Open the application. The PulseIRController will display the current touch screen information including firmware version and settings.


Please Note: If this information does not appear, please contact TSItouch Customer Support at 802-874-0123 Option 2 or email:


3. To change the touch mode, click the Auto radio button and click Apply to save the changes. A message will appear confirming the changes have been saved to the touch screen.


4. Disconnect the USB cable from the windows device and reconnect it to the Chromebox USB port closest to the HDMI port. If you are using a new screen, you will plug into the USB port.


Please Note: After these adjustments are made, it is best practice to connect the Touch Frame USB to the Chromebox before powering on the Chromebox.


Touch should now function as expected in the new operating system.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, please contact the TSI Touch Customer Service team at 802-874-0123 Option 2; email:; or by visiting the TSItouch website and clicking on the red “Help” icon in the lower right corner of the webpage.

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