My Kiosk Screen Says "Waiting for Network Connection" or Shows the Sign-In Screen

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Does your kiosk screen show a Chrome sign-in screen or is stuck displaying a "waiting for network connection" message?




This may be due to issues with your Chromebox (CN60 device running Chrome OS version 76). Please continue reading to learn what is causing this and what you can do to remedy the situation.


What’s going on with my Chromebox?

Google has introduced a breaking change for the Chromebox operating system (Chrome OS). While newer devices can be upgraded to the latest OS version to resolve this issue, some older devices that are considered “end-of-life” are unable to upgrade.


How do I know which devices are impacted?

In your app manager account at under "Devices" you can display the OS version. Simply use "Columns" in the top left and check the box next to "OS Version" for the column to appear.



If your devices show OS Version 76, they are impacted and have either stopped working or may stop at any time and must be replaced.

What does this mean for me?

Unfortunately, the CN60 Chromebox model is considered “end-of-life” (EOL) by Google (which supplies the Chrome OS operating system) as of the end of 2019. While the device was supposed to work until 2025, the recent software update from Google broke its kiosk functionality. Google does not provide support for EOL devices and once a device is stuck on the “Waiting for Network Connection” screen or remains on a sign-in screen, the device needs to be replaced.

Since CN60 models are at least 4+ years old, they are no longer covered under warranty. The standard Chromebox warranty is 1 year.


What are my replacement options?

There are two replacement devices available:

  1. Our recommended model is the Chromebox 4 Intel Core i3 which comes with significantly more RAM, storage, and a 1-year warranty. Google guarantees upgrades and support for this model until June 2028, and it supports larger catalogs with improved performance. The Chromebox 4 is currently available for $499*, fully pre-loaded to your account for a true plug & play replacement.

    For customers looking to upgrade their subscription to add more brands and features, and to offset the cost of the new device, we offer a $300 Software Upgrade Discount (one-time coupon to be applied towards a future subscription upgrade invoice - limited to one coupon per account). Please speak with your Account Manager about this option.
  2. There is also a Celeron model available. It is a low-performance Chromebox that can run smaller catalogs (one vendor or up to 10,000 SKUs). The Celeron model of the Chromebox 4 is available at $299*.

* Shipping & Handling and Taxes not included.


Buy Your Replacement in Our Online Store

We have launched an online store where you can quickly purchase the replacement devices without having to wait on the phone. Please click here to buy a replacement Chromebox.


While You Wait for Your Replacement Device:

Your Existing "End of Life" Chromebox is Temporarily Working

Google recently pushed out an update to help revert some of the breaking changes that caused your CN60 (Chromebox) device to malfunction.

Reboot your Chromebox*

Press and hold the power button for about 3 seconds until the Chromebox shuts down completely (screen goes from white to dark) and then tap the power button again to turn the device back on.

*Your device requires an Internet connection during the reboot. If there have been no changes to your Wifi connection in the last few weeks, the device should be online automatically.

Should I Cancel My Replacement Order?

No, we recommend NOT to cancel your order. The fix provided by Google is only temporary and your CN60 device still needs to be replaced. It is out of support and not receiving any new security updates, and Google has also set a final sunset date for Chrome Apps. Only the latest generation of devices will support the required replacement technology (PWA).

Chromebox inventory is very low at this time, and there are substantial delays in the limited production and shipping of new devices coming out of China. If your order is canceled, we cannot guarantee a replacement unit will be available for purchase in time before the official end-of-support date for Chrome Apps. We highly recommend keeping your spot in line to secure your new device.


Other Ways to Display Your Catalog

While you're waiting for your replacement Chromebox to arrive, you can use the Catalog Kiosk App on any supported device at no additional charge.

#1 Tablets
The app is available from the Apple App Store (for iPads) and Google Play Store (for Android devices) and it can run on Windows Surface tablets.

#2 Desktop Computer
The app can be installed on any desktop or laptop device equipped with a Google Chrome web browser.


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