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Release Dates:


February 9, 2022

Get In Touch With Your Most Valuable In-Store Leads

Data API Endpoint for Shared Products & Carts

'Share & Shop' lead data is now exposed via our API. These leads are from product and cart shares via SMS and email from your kiosk app. This new endpoint can be used to obtain detailed shopper contact information such as shopper name, cell phone number, email address, RSA name, products/brands shared, and notes/comments. Use it to feed your CRM and Conversational Marketing systems with highly qualified, hot leads.


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COMING SOON: Data API Endpoint for Vendor and Showroom Inventory

Automatically sync product stock levels from the vendors and your "local" showroom & warehouse to your website, POS, or other systems using Wondersign's new inventory API endpoint.


Available Now: More Control Over Your Website Connectors

Manage Granular Shopify or BigCommerce Connector Settings

Wondersign Connectors allow you to completely automate your product data, pricing, and inventory for Shopify or BigCommerce.

Your virtual device now includes 'Sync Management' settings to manage specifics of how each platform handles your product data. Learn more about your Sync Management settings in this article.


Get Alerts for Failed Connector Updates

Sign up to get alerts and notifications via email when your Connector encounters an issue. Learn more about adding your email to Alert Monitoring for Connectors in this article.


Keep your website up to date with consumer-ready product data. Interested in learning more about Wondersign Connectors?

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