How to Create Promotional Pricing

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Requirements/Tools Needed:

Getting Started

1. Select Content from the navigation menu across the top, then choose Prices.


2. Under the Promotional Price Lists section, select Add Promotional Price List.


3. Use the text box to enter a name of your choice for the promotion, then click Create on the bottom right corner.



4. You are automatically brought to the Promotion Schedule tab. From here, choose the start date and time for the sale, as well as the end date and time for the sale, then click Save Changes in the top right corner.



5. After saving the promotion dates and times, you are automatically brought to the Pricing Rules tab. From here, select Add New Pricing Rule and use the text box to name the specific pricing rule you are creating, and click Save.

Note: you can create multiple rules targeting different products or different price calculations for the same scheduled promotion.



6. Next, you will select which products will be targeted for this specific rule. Click the Product Selection tab.


  • A: All Products: This option targets all available products in your account.
  • B: Custom Selection: Create a custom product selection by filtering products based on manufacturers, categories, or other product attributes.
  • C: In real time view the number of products targeted by the pricing rule on the right side of the screen.
  • D: Create the attributes for your custom selection where you can choose to satisfy All or Any. 
    • Manufacturer
    • Consumer Brand
    • SKU
    • Category
    • Direct Shipping
    • MAP
    • MSRP
    • Product Type
    • Size
    • Color
    • Etc.

Next Steps: If you select All Products proceed to step number 11. If you select Custom Selection proceed to the next step.

7. To begin your product selection, choose if you want to satisfy all or any.

  • All - uses "AND" to combine multiple attribute traits to create a rule. Products must meet "all" attribute criteria to follow this rule.

  • Any - uses "OR" to combine multiple attribute traits to create a rule. Products that meet "any" of the attribute criteria follow this rule.


8. Select a product attribute from the drop-down. This is the product characteristic you want to use to target a group of products to price together with the same rule.

Product attributes:

  • Manufacturer

  • Consumer Brand

  • SKU

  • Category

  • Direct Shipping

  • MAP

  • MSRP

  • Product Type
  • Color
  • Size
  • Material
  • Etc.

9. Select if you want to target products that include (is) or exclude (is not) the attribute value that you enter in the textbox. As you type the attribute value in the textbox it will provide options that match.


Depending on the attribute you selected, the options in the drop-down are different, for example, the MAP and MSRP options are for numerical values.



10. Attribute sets allow you to group multiple attributes when creating a rule.



Attribute sets allow you to create a mix of "ALL" and "ANY" rules. For example, you can create a rule that products included are from Manufacturers Ashley OR Hooker Furniture AND are available for Direct Shipping.



11. Now that you chose the products you want to target, go to the Pricing Calculations tab to create Retail, List, and/or Rental/Financing Pricing.



12. Select Define the Base Price.

Choose from the options:

  • Cost
  • Cost, use MSRP if available
  • Cost, do not exceed MSRP if available
  • MSRP



13. Add an expression of Rounding or Mathematical to the base price. Mathematical is recommended first as the calculations are applied in order from top to bottom, so rounding should be added last.


A. Rounding- You can choose to round up or down to the nearest dollar amount and set the maximum adjustment by dollar amount or percentage.

B. Mathematical- Choose to Multiply by, add markup, add gross margin, subtract, add, or Divide.

Please Note: A LIVE preview of price adjustments appears in the LIVE PREVIEW Box, where you can also search by product or SKU.

Click Save Changes.

14. Select Layout Options in the left menu.

You can choose to use the default image or upload your own with the Choose an image button. The recommended image size is 300 x 150 pixels.



15. The Activity History page details all changes made for promotional pricing. To view the changes made select Show Changes and use the Restore this version button to revert changes to a previous version.


To manage how the prices are displayed in the Catalog Kiosk App visit the article: How to Customize the Appearance of Promotional Prices.

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