How to Set the Store Email Address for Shopping Carts

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The kiosk also provides the ability for customers who are shopping with the kiosk to send the basket of items they're interested in to a store email address. This e-mail will contain all relevant product SKU's and simplifies the processing of the order for the customer.

Requirements/Tools Needed:

Getting Started

1. Navigate to the device management page by clicking Devices in the navigation menu at the top of the page.


2. The device management page comprises two sections:

  • On the left: A list of all devices activated on your account.
  • On the right: A list of device groups.

To update the websites on an individual device, click the name of the device (1), to update websites on a group of devices, click the Settings button for the desired group (2).


Please Note: If updating websites on an individual device, Settings on the Device detail screen will need to be selected.


3. Navigate to the Cart Configuration section and click the drop down arrow, then add/remove the desired email addresses.


Please Note: If updating the email on an individual device, click Override in order to update the email addresses.


Example of what will be sent to the designated email address when a customer submits Shopping Cart.



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