How to Tag Sale Items

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Sale items are tagged with a default sale tag so your guests can quickly identify which items are on sale. You can upload a custom image instead of using the default sale tag.


Requirements/Tools Needed:

Getting Started

1. Click Content in the top navigation menu.


2. Click Prices from the dropdown menu.


3. Click the gear icon that corresponds to the promotion you would like to edit and select Edit from the dropdown menu.


4. Click Layout Options from the side panel.


5. Click the Choose an image button.


6. Click the Choose a local file button to select a local file or enter the URL to a file that is hosted online using the Direct Link option.

Please Note: The recommended size of the sales tag image is 300 x 150 pixels.


7. Click the Save Changes button to save the image.


In our example below, a red SALE image has been selected for use and will tag the items for sale in the app.


Sale items will stand out with the sale tag when your guests browse items in the app. In the image below we are browsing through the Items in the Dining Room category. The items that are part of the active promotion are identified by the Sale Tag image we have uploaded.


Tap the Items on Sale filter on the left side panel to see only the items for sale for the category you are browsing.

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