How to Price Products by Manufacturer via CSV Importer (Legacy Pricing)

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Requirements/Tools Needed:

Getting Started

Retrieving Pricing via the Catalog App Manager

1. Navigate to Content > Prices


2. Click Manage Everyday Normal Prices.


3. Click Download pricing to file.


4. Click Export.

5. Open your exported spreadsheet and delete all rows except those for the brand whose prices you intend to update.

6. In a new, blank column, enter a formula to apply your pricing multiplier to the existing product prices. 

           =(cell with cost)*2


7. Copy and paste your formula into all cells in this column to achieve a list of new      pricing for each brand product.  


8. Copy this column, and paste just the new values back into the RETAIL column.   


9. Delete the formula column. You should be left with the original four columns in your spreadsheet: BRAND, SKU, RETAIL, and LIST.

10. Save your spreadsheet.

11. In the Catalog App Manager, click Import pricing from file.

12. Import your updated spreadsheet.


Uploading Pricing from Other Sources

1. In your spreadsheet, delete all rows except those with the brand you intend to update. 


2. Check whether the retail pricing in your spreadsheet is determined by a formula. If so, copy the Retail column and paste it back with only the values for your brand products.


3. Delete all columns with the exception of BRAND, SKU, RETAIL, and LIST.

4. Navigate to Content > Prices.


5. Click Manage Everyday Normal Prices.


6. Click Import Pricing from File. 


7. Import the spreadsheet with your updated brand pricing. 

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