How to Remove Products from the Catalog Kiosk

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Learn how to curate your assortment by removing items from getting displayed in your product catalog.

Requirements/Tools Needed:

Getting Started

1. If there are items that should be removed from the kiosk, choose Content from the navigation menu, then select Catalogs.


2. To remove a few specific items from the kiosk, click Default Catalog.


3. From the catalog management screen, click Product Selection.


4. From the product selection screen, check the box next to Exclude Products.


5. Next, select Choose Products.


6. You can search by Manufacturer, Consumer Brand, SKU, Category, or Product name. Select the desired search parameter, then enter the search criteria and click Display Products.


7. Once the desired item(s) have been located, either click Select All to choose all items, or select individual items you want to remove. Once the desired collection of items has been selected, click Add Selected Products.



8. Once the desired items have been selected, click Save Changes. The selected products are now excluded from the catalog.


9. Sync your device to view changes.

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