How to Add a New (Custom) Product to Your Catalog Manually

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Learn how to add a new product manually to your catalog and edit its pricing, characteristics, and categories using the Catalog App Manager. This allows you to add a new item (or service such as protection plans or delivery options) outside of a managed vendor data feed.


Requirements/Tools Needed:


Getting Started

1. Click Content in the top navigation.


2. Click Products from the Content drop-down menu.


3. Click New Product to manually add a new product to your data feed content.

Please Note: If the New Product button is not visible to you in the Content > Products page, your subscription level does not allow for custom product creation. To upgrade your subscription, contact Wondersign Sales by email at or 1-855-408-9966.


4. Enter the following required fields for the product you wish to add:

  • Name: Enter the product name (i.e. Logan - Tan - High Leg Recliner).

  • SKU: Enter a unique SKU to identify the product (i.e. numbers, letters, or combination string value).

  • Brand: Enter the brand of the product being added to the catalog.


5. Click Next.


6. Click the Categories field and enter the category or portion of the category tree name to display the existing categories in your catalog.


7. Select the appropriate category from the drop-down menu.

The selected category menu displays under the Categories field. 


8. Repeat Steps 6 and to add additional associated categories for the product.


9. Click Next once you have added all categories for the product.


10. Enter the Product Price information as follows:

  • Cost: Enter the dollar amount for the cost of the product.

  • List Price: Click List to expand the field and enter a Multiplier value.

  • Retail Price: Click Retail to expand the field and enter a Multiplier value.

Please Note: Alternatively, click the Calculation menu to change the type of calculation used for the List and/or Retail Price. Select Multiplier, Gross Margin, or Markup and enter the associated value.

  • Rounding: Click the Rounding menu to add rounding to the List and/or Retail Price. Select Don't round or Round and enter a value if applicable.


11. Click Next.

The < Products page opens to display the Details tab in the side panel.  


12.  Review and verify the product Name, Brand, SKU, and Categories for accuracy.


13.  Click the Description field to enter a product description and apply bold and italic text styling.


14.  Complete the following product fields (recommended):

  • Color: Enter the color of the product (i.e. blue, brown, gray)

  • Material: Enter the material the product is made from (i.e. metal, wood)

  • Style: Enter the product style (i.e. modern, contemporary, traditional)

  • Size: Enter the product dimensions not including packaging (i.e. brown)

  • Depth: Enter the product depth in inches (i.e. 33.0 in.)

  • Length: Enter the product length or width in inches (i.e. 55.25 in.)

  • Height: Enter the product height in inches (i.e. 36.50 in.)

  • Weight: Enter the product weight in pounds not including packaging (i.e. 33.9 lbs.)

Please Note: It is recommended that you add as much information as possible to the product details fields to provide a rich shopper experience at the Catalog Kiosk app. All products require at least one image to display at the Catalog Kiosk app. 


15.  Click Upload Image in the Main Image field to add a product image.


16.  Click Choose a local file.


17. Choose the image file from your local desktop to add.


18. Click Open.


19. Verify the product image is appropriate in the Preview tab.


20. Click Add.

The new product image displays in the Main Image field


21. If a product has more than one image, repeat Steps 15 - 20 to choose and upload the image(s) in the Additional Images field.


22. Scroll to the top of the page once all product images are uploaded.


23. Click Save Changes to add and save the new product.

Please Note: Use the < Products tabs in the side panel on the left to view, add, and/or delete data for the newly created product including Pricing, Rental Terms, Related Products, and History.


When a new product is manually created and added in CAM, it is outside the managed data feeds from approved vendors. Therefore, updates are not applied to these types of products. Use the Delete tab to remove a manually created product.

24.  Click the < Products link to return to the Products page.

The new product is added to the Content > Products list.

25. Click Devices in the top navigation.


26. Click Sync all devices to update the Catalog Kiosk app with the new product.


The new product displays on the Product Details page of the Catalog Kiosk app.

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