How to Import & Export Pricing Lists (Legacy Pricing)

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Requirements/Tools Needed:

Getting Started


1. After choosing the appropriate fields to copy the information to, check the box to confirm understanding, then click Import.


2. The Catalog App Manager will automatically grab the prices and apply them to the SKUs listed in the spreadsheet.


3. A summary will appear displaying the number of SKUs that were updated. If any of the SKUs from the imported file did not match with a SKU in the Catalog App Manager, a summary of failed rows can be downloaded by selecting Download Failed Rows CSV (1). To complete the process, click Close (2).


1. To set the prices on the kiosk, click Content from the navigation menu across the top, then choose Prices.


2. Choose which pricing list to export.

  • Everyday normal pricing

  • A new promo or sale price

  • An existing promo or sale price

Please Note: The following steps demonstrate the process for exporting Everyday Normal Pricing.


3. After choosing the pricing setup to export prices for, select Download Pricing to File.

4. Select which items to export, then click Export. The file will automatically be downloaded.

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