How to Price Catalogs by Manufacturer

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Requirements/Tools Needed:

Getting Started

1. On the top menu bar under the Content tab select Prices.

2. Select Manage Everyday Normal Prices.

3. Click Add brand rule.

4. Search for the brand(s) you would like to create a pricing rule for. Click the auto-suggestion from the list or click your enter button to add the brand.

5. Choose the pricing level to be adjusted by clicking the toggle buttons for List and/or Retail or select Add rental term.


6. The pricing details can be adjusted using the Catalog App Manager's built-in pricing calculations. Select if you would like to calculate cost-based or if you want to set a fixed price.


To calculate based on cost - choose between multiplier, gross margin, or markup:

    • Multiplier - multiplies the wholesale/landed cost with the factor entered into the field

    • Gross Margin - the desired gross margin percentage applied

    • Markup - the percentage difference between the actual cost and the selling price

If desired, the rounding tool dropdown will round the price up or down to a specific number.

7. Select Done.

Please Note: For example, if you set a pricing rule for the brand Ashley Furniture and you also have a Category rule for Chests, all Chests will be priced based on your calculations for the Category rule regardless of the brand.

You can also update pricing for products by brand by using the CSV Importer. For more information, visit our help article: Pricing Products by Brand via CSV Importer.

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