Tips for Using Podium As Your Text Message Provider

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In the Wondersign Catalog Kiosk App, shoppers and RSAs have the ability to share individual products and even entire shopping carts via Text Message or Email.


Wondersign's integration with Podium allows you to receive text responses from shoppers in your Podium inbox*.


*Certain subscription levels required for Wondersign and Podium. Contact us at to confirm your plan.

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Manage Your Podium Inbox

1. When shoppers respond to the shared product texts sent from the kiosk(s), the conversations appear directly in your inbox.

2. Move conversations to Closed once you finalize the sale. If shoppers reach back out later on the conversation will automatically re-open.


3. To map RSAs (retail sales associates) from kiosk to Podium, you can create multiple users in your Podium account. Select the Settings icon from the top navigation bar.

4. Select Users from the side menu.


5. If the Sales Associate field from the form on the kiosk app matches a User in your Podium account, conversations will automatically be added to their personal inbox.

Set Business Hours in Podium

1. Select the Settings icon from the top navigation bar.

2. Select Business Hours from the side menu.

3. Use the Regular Hours section to set your business hours.

Please Note: These hours will determine when texts can be sent from the kiosk. When the Share Product feature is used outside of the designated business hours, the text will not be sent immediately, but rather be scheduled to be sent once business hours resume.

4. You can also set an auto-response for messages received outside of your defined business hours.


View the Delivery Status of Text Messages

1. Select Automations from the top navigation bar.

2. Select Automation Monitoring from the side menu.


3. Scroll to the bottom for a summary of the texts triggered from the kiosk. The status column allows you to view the status of these texts:

  • Message Sent

  • Processed

  • Scheduled

  • Filtered

  • or Failed.



Quickly View Product Details Using the Catalog App Manager

When messaging with shoppers you can quickly look up what products they were viewing using the Catalog App Manager.

1. Click the URL in the text sent from the kiosk to access the landing page with the product details.

Please Note: The link will expire after a few days to avoid showing potentially outdated product information.


2. On the product landing page copy the product name.


3. Log in to the Catalog App Manager (

4. Navigate to Content and select Products from the dropdown menu.

5. Paste the product name into the Name column of the search bar.

6. Click the product and look up the details you need, such as price or inventory status.


View the Shared Product Text Details in Podium

If the URL link has expired or you want to look up the product shared directly in the Podium platform, use Automation Monitoring.

1. Select Automations from the top navigation bar.

2. Select Automation Monitoring from the side menu.

3. Select the arrow next to the text message you want more details for.


4. Select Integration to Automation to expand the section and view more details about the information filled out in the form and the specific product shared.

5. This section summarizes the form and product information:

  1. Customer Name
  2. Customer Phone Number
  3. Product Name
  4. Product Price



For more information or specific support with Podium, please reference these Podium training tools, reach out to Podium Support, or contact your Podium representative.

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