How to Manually Add Delivery and Protection Plan Product SKUs

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The Wondersign Catalog Kiosk App allows you to manually create product SKUs for adding service delivery and protection plan fees in the catalog along. We also provide free downloads for product images and best practices when creating the custom SKUs.


Requirements/Tools Needed:

Getting Started

1. Click Content in the top navigation and select Products from the drop-down menu.


2. Click the New Product button.


Please Note: Depending on your subscription level, the New Product button may not be available in your CAM account. Please contact us for more information on how to enable this feature on your account.

3. Complete the required fields:

  • Name: the title you want to appear for the new product you are adding.
  • SKU: the desired SKU for the new product you are adding.
  • Brand: the "brand" you want associated with the new product you are creating.

Click Next to proceed.


4. You have the option to Categorize your new product. Click Next to proceed.

Please Note: For the case of delivery fees and protection plans, you can leave this section blank. To find your new products in the app use the search function to find results based on the product name, SKU, or brand.


5. Set your cost and pricing for the new product.

  • Cost: set your cost to ensure proper margin calculation in the platform.
  • List Price: use list price if you want to show a “compare at” price.
  • Retail Price: retail price is the displayed price that you are offering the product for.
  • Calculation: Use the calculation section to set a price based on cost. Use the provided methods:
    • Multiplier
    • Gross Margin
    • Markup

Please Note: To set a fixed price, simply toggle the Markup From Cost section OFF and enter your desired price into the Price section.

  • Rounding: Use the rounding section to round your retail or list prices up or down. Choose between the provided rounding choices:
    • Don’t round
    • Round up to the nearest
    • Round down to the nearest

Click Finish to save your new product. You will automatically be taken to the new Product Page.


Tip for Pricing: To avoid taxing the delivery and protection plans, calculate the sales tax based on the area you are selling in and subtract the tax from the price you are setting for these SKUs.

For example: If your sales tax is 8% and you want the shopper to pay $100 for delivery, subtract the sales tax: $100 x .08% = $8

$100 - $8 = $92 shipping price

Tip for Pricing Protection Plans: When adding multiple protection plans that are calculated based on a price range, add the price range to the product name or description so you can easily find the appropriate protection plan.

6. On the new Product Page, add your main product image and any additional images.


7. Add any additional product information into the provided fields, such as weight and description. Save Changes once you are finished.



We have put together some recommendations for creating new products for delivery and protection plan SKUs.

Name (required):

  • Keep it simple - short and sweet to make it easy to search.
  • Differentiation - make sure if you are naming multiple similar products that you add differentiation in the name so you know exactly which SKU to choose.
  • Consumer-Facing - keep in mind, shoppers will see this title displayed in the app.

SKU (required):

  • Unique SKU - make sure you do not duplicate SKUs for different products.
  • Simple - make it easy for you to search and find the product you need.

Brand (required):

  • Unique Brand - in order to not mix your new SKUs with existing products.

Description (highly recommended):

  • Provide Value - let shoppers know why they should purchase the protection plan, delivery, or other product SKU you have created.
  • Conditions & Terms - list what is included in the product you are offering. For example, this would include: duration of protection plan, what your protection plan covers, what your delivery includes, etc.
  • Legal Disclaimers - include any legal disclaimers or exclusions for your delivery or protection plans.
  • Other Important Details - disclose any other important information about the new product you have created.


  • Weight Restrictions - add if you have specific weight restrictions or requirements for your delivery and shipping SKUs.

Main Image (highly recommended):

  • Add a main image and any additional images to the product you are creating.
  • Good Experience - having an image is important for creating a positive shopping experience when using the app. It helps the product SKU to appear professional.
  • Free Imagery - you can use our recommended images provided in this article (see below).

Image Downloads

Please use the links provided to download the images you would like to use.

Standard Delivery


Images (highly recommended):

White Glove Delivery


Images (highly recommended):

Protection Plan


Images (highly recommended):

Articles in this section

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