How to Export Product Data

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You can use your product data wherever you need it. The manual export of all curated product data and pricing allows you to use it for your other selling channels like your website, social media product ads, marketplace accounts, and more. You are able to export your products by catalog, device, or device groups. To automate this process, use Wondersign's Data API for fully autonomous updates and exports.

Requirements/Tools Needed:

  • Sign in to using the Google Chrome web browser
  • You are subscribed to our BASIC, mPOS, or DATA API plan. If you are on a Legacy plan, contact sales to upgrade your account.

Getting Started

1. Click Content in the top navigation menu and select Export Data from the drop-down.


2. Use the radio button to select one of the methods for exporting product data:


  • Select all products in my account. This will select all available items (including items that are not sold individually) from all connected data sources.
  • Select products in a specific Catalog. Use the drop-down menu at the bottom to select from your available catalogs.
  • Select products from a specific Device. Use the drop-down menu at the bottom to select from your available devices.
  • Select products from a specific Device Group. Use the drop-down menu at the bottom to choose from your available device groups.

3. Click Finish to download your file.


How your screen will appear during the export process:


You will be redirected to the Export Summary page where you can view a recap of your export and access direct links to helpful resources. Click Download File to access your file via CSV.


Your CSV spreadsheet file will include all product data and a header row to define the content in each column.


Please Note: If you are not currently subscribed to our BASIC, mPOS, or DATA API plan, you will only have access to a sample download of 50 products. For information on your current subscription, contact us.

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