1st Gen Elo 22" - Unsupported Features

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Elo Gen 1 (first generation) 22" touchscreens are using an outdated Android operating system (version 4.4.2) which can not be updated, leading to security vulnerabilities and many unsupported features. As an example, the last security patch from Android for these devices was in 2017. For more information, please see Elo 22" Generation 1 'End of Life' Device.
The following features released in app version 5.24 and higher are not supported on Elo Gen 1 (first generation) 22" touchscreens. This includes all versions released in February 2019 and later.


#1 Get to products faster.

Get to products with 1 tap!

The App search and browse functionality are significantly improved.

  • Search by Brand, SKU, Category Name, Product Name, Collection, Color, Product Type, etc.
  • Customize your sort order to prioritize the items you want shown first.
  • Filter by Product Type, Color, Size, Shape, Availability, Assembly, and more.

Legacy App

King Beds Grid View copy.png

Current App

King Beds copy.png


#2 Improved performance for a better experience.

Newer devices and the current app experience quicker sync and loading times, and more storage space for more products, images, and brands.

  • The sync status shows on the screen so you can see progress.
  • The current app supports videos on product pages.
  • Customize your home screen categories and feature custom tiles to highlight Bestsellers or Sale items.
  • Customize your Promotional Price Display so sale items stand out, including a tag, and filter.
  • Carton Items are visually marked with the package quantity with the option to price individually or as a whole.
  • Variants eliminate seemingly duplicate products. Making it easier to find the same product in a different size, color, configuration, etc.



#3 Prioritize your on-hand inventory.

  • Show your local showroom and warehouse inventory alongside the manufacturer.
  • Availability filters can be used to filter products that are 'In Stock'.

Local Inventory.png


#5 Easier path to checkout with a larger ticket size.

  • Save shopping carts to use the kiosk with multiple shoppers at once.
  • Share entire shopping carts and collect shopper data to follow up with visitors who walk out without purchasing.
  • Share entire Collections to help shoppers fall in love with an entire room scene.
  • Built-in Financing Waterfall starts right from the kiosk, allowing the shopper to complete their application right on their phone.
  • Discover More helps shoppers and sales associates find related items for upsell and cross-sell opportunities. 

Collection Cart.png

Discover More.png

A complete list of all features and releases:

5.24 Release - February 2019

  • All search results are now translated into the chosen language.

  • All text, including titles, in "Send to Mobile" emails are now translated to reflect the chosen language.

  • Where available, we've added package sizes to product data. This helps your customers understand when the price displayed refers to a package of multiple products, versus a single unit.

  • "New" items (introductions) are added to kiosks once they start shipping.

5.25 Release - March 2019

  • If the customer's shopping cart contains a combination of priced and unpriced items, the total amount is hidden from view to prevent inaccurate totals.

  • We've added the ability to search by brand, if available.

  • You can now rename your shopping cart. Choose from Cart, Basket, Lightbox, or Favorites.

  • You can now save multiple shopping carts within the Catalog App.

5.28 Release - April 2019

  • CSV importers throughout the Catalog App Manager (my.catalogkiosk.com) now allow both lowercase and uppercase brand names and SKUs, making the data import process a breeze.

  • When adding products to categories, you can now search by SKU, Category Name, or Product name, to help you find and add products to your categories faster.

  • When pairing a device, you can now view the progress of the syncing process displayed as a percentage.

5.30 Release - May 2019

  • Import custom product names via CSV file. You can now overwrite existing product names to help prevent cross-shopping.

5.33 Release - June 2019

  • All search results are now translated into the chosen language. 

  • For those who prefer not to have a checkout option, there is a new Wishlist Cart Label option. This option allows customers to add items to a wishlist.

  • For those who prefer not to have a checkout option, there is a new option to hide the Start Order button.

  • There is now a new customizable SKU label field (Change Model # Text)

5.34 Release - July 2019

  • Single-Sign-On (SSO): As an optional sign-in, you can now log in using your existing Google and Facebook accounts.

  • Additional Product Search Options when Adding Products to Categories. You can now search for product category via a dynamic search field, making product selection a breeze.

  • On the Pricing Management screen, there is a new checkbox that allows you to select whether to show or hide the total price of kitted products.

5.35 Release - July 2019

  • For better customer information tracking, the phone number is now mandatory on all checkout forms, including mobile checkout, in-store email, and physical point-of-sale checkout forms.

  • You can now more easily search for and select excluded products within your catalogs.

  • We have added SKU and Name search fields to allow for easier search and selection of products. A 'Select All' button has also been added to allow you to search for and select multiple products to remove from a category.

5.36/5.37 Release - August 2019

  • You now have the ability to create custom messages with hyperlinks that will be sent to your customers when they share products via text or email.

  • On collections, the total price of items is now shown without having to navigate to the shopping cart.

  • In addition to the standard sort orders that exist in the catalog kiosk, you can create a custom sort order by uploading a CSV file which determines the sort order of products.

5.38/5.39 Release - September 2019

  • The category filter function for products was updated to include subcategories.

  • The grid views in the Catalog Kiosk were updated to include relevant filtering options on the left side of the window.

  • The ability to search devices by text and sort the results has been added.

5.41 Release - October 2019

  • Financing Waterfall: The ability to apply for financing has been added to the app as part of the checkout process.

  • Video Support: Embedded videos can now be added to the product description.

  • The ability to search devices by text and sort the results has been added.

5.47/5.48 Release - January 2020

  • Display the Color, Material & Style Filter Options by Most Used

  • Dynamic product page: If the product details page does not have any alternative images or videos then the main image will be enlarged.

  • Updates to collections: The numbers in the markers have been removed and the marker’s size has been reduced by ⅓.

  • Category images can be uploaded to override the default category images on the attractor screen.

  • Theming: Select between 1 and 6 category tiles which can be linked to categories when tapped.

  • Theming: The last tile can be assigned to “Browse all categories” when tapped.

  • Theming: Select between a dark and light mode.

  • Theming: The “Touch-to-explore” message is configurable.

  • Access to the shopping cart, external websites, and language options have been moved to the hamburger menu.

  • Shopping carts and items can be shared using the same “Share product” button.

  • Pagination has been removed and Items will continue to load as the user navigates down the page.

  • Search results can be browsed by Collections, Items, and What’s New. Items can be sorted.

  • Items "on-sale" (promotional price lists) are tagged with a default image. Instead of using the default image, a custom image can be uploaded to tag items on sale.

  • The Checkout Options page has been redesigned and short descriptions of all checkout methods have been added.

  • The ability to add multiple email addresses for offline notifications was added.

5.49 Release - February 2020

  • An option was added to allow your guests to change the thumbnail size between Compact and Large for the Collections, Items, and What’s New pages.

  • The Size filter options were updated to be in order from largest to smallest.

  • The categories sort order of the search results page was updated to be alphanumeric.

  • Options were added to set the thumbnail size of collections and items to Compact or Large.

  • Disclaimers were added to the Catalog App Manager so they can be edited by the retailer. Disclaimers include: Checkout, Send Cart by Email, Send Cart by Phone, Send product by Email, Send product by phone.

5.50 Release - February 2020

  • All the subcategories are displayed in the category filter menu on the product grid screen, and the “Show more options” was removed.

  • The availability status icon of the Real-Time Inventory feature has been updated to better indicate whether an item is in stock or out of stock.

  • If only one option is available in a filter, the filter will not be shown. For example, if only one brand is available the brand filter will not be displayed.

  • The sort order of items in the collections tab was updated to be in alphabetical order (A to Z).

  • An option has been added to use all categories as the attractor screen on devices.

  • Share Product Button: The text on the button has been changed from “Share Product” to “Send as Text/Email” and the color is now editable.

  • An option has been added to hide the prices on Category, Search Results, and Discover More (More in the Series) pages.

  • The order of the Collections and Items tabs are configurable.

5.51 Release - February 2020

  • If the filters result in 0 products, then the filters will still be displayed so changes can be made to the filters instead of having to start over.

  • The ability to change the order of the Specs and Description tabs on product detail pages has been added.

  • The location of a device is now a required field when adding a new device to your account.

  • A Promotional Price Display section was added to allow control over how promotional prices are displayed in the Catalog Kiosk App.

  • Custom sale tags now match the height of the “Ships to your home” message on the Product Details, Items, and more items in the series pages in the CK App.

5.52 Release - March 2020

  • The loading time for large amounts of products on the category page has been improved significantly (Chrome OS platform only).

  • BlueCore Email Opt-In integration. This allows retailers to collect new email list signups directly from the kiosk app into their BlueCore account.

  • We improved the catalog search engine to display more specific and accurate results.

  • We have added metric measurements to the application, allowing our international customers to display dimensions and weight in metric units.

5.53 Release - March 2020

  • Mobile Checkout with Stripe has been added to the Catalog Kiosk app. This allows users to pay with a credit card (or Google Pay/Apple Pay) via a pay link sent to an email address.

  • Retailers can set up one or multiple sales tax configurations in the Catalog App Manager.

  • On the Catalog Kiosk App, RSAs can choose the appropriate sales tax during the checkout process.

  • A call-to-action button (“See Item Details“) has been added to each item in collection hotspots to get to product details faster.

  • The synchronization time for new product images coming from manufacturer feeds has been improved to get closer to real-time deployments.

5.54 Release - April 2020

  • Horizontal Pagination has been added as an additional product grid navigation method (in addition to infinite vertical scrolling).

  • Written labels have been added to the color swatches in the filter list. This provides a better user experience for colorblind users.

  • Retail Sales Associates (RSA) can grant shoppers instant discounts during the checkout process. The discount input can be activated for specific devices, and it can be protected with a PIN number.

5.55 Release - April 2020

  • Local inventory has been added to the Catalog App Manager and the Catalog Kiosk App. With this feature, retailers can manage their product stock directly in the Catalog App Manager.

  • Retailers can add showrooms and warehouses to the inventory. These locations will be visible on the kiosks and can be queried in real-time.

  • Local inventory works in tandem with the manufacturer's real-time inventory, to provide shoppers and RSAs with insight into stock levels and locations.

5.56 Release - May 2020

  • Local inventory feature improvement: A download function has been added to the CSV importer log. The downloaded file includes failed rows and reasons for those failures. This helps retailers to identify issues with their uploaded CSV files.

  • Local inventory feature improvement: A new file structure for multiple locations per row is supported in the CSV importer. This makes it easier to upload inventory from sources like Shopify e-commerce site or a POS system.

5.57 Release - May 2020

  • The 'What's Included' section was added under the Specs tab on the Product page in the Catalog Kiosk App. This new section displays all kit components for that SKU.

  • Catalog Kiosk App improvement: The size of the thumbnails in the collections hotspot modal has been increased.

  • Catalog Kiosk App improvement: When pricing is disabled, the product description and product specs are stretched to fill the whitespace which was reserved for pricing until now.

5.58/5.59 Release - June 2020

  • The parent category is visible next to the results in the Search pop-up.

5.60/5.61 Release - June/July 2020

  • Local Inventory improvements: Local inventory can now be updated automatically by depositing the CSV file for SFTP upload. Retailers can store their inventory CSV files on their own server and link it in CAM for automatic upload. This simplifies the process of managing the local inventory with external files.

  • Local Inventory improvements: The handling for kits and bundles during the CSV upload has been extended and improved. As an example, kits can be used to update the inventory levels for the components they are made of.

5.62 Release - July 2020

  • 'What's Included' section improvements: The component list for kit items has been enriched with thumbnail images of the single components. Users can tap on components to open a popup with details about these components.

  • Items that are discontinued but still available in local inventories are now displayed in the app. The app will also show a message to inform the user that this item is no longer manufactured.

5.63/5.64 Release - August 2020

  • Besides the existing category suggestions, the search popup now also shows suggestions for product types. This provides shoppers with a better search experience by offering more vertical entry points into product selection.

5.65/5.66 Release - September 2020

  • Display 'Related Items' in the Discover More module. Items in the brand data feed or defined in the CAM (Product Details > Related Products) appear in the Discover More module under one of the following tabs: Collections, More in this series, Accessories, Complete my set.

  • Kit and Bundled items are separated in the App. Packaged items that can only be sold together (kits) appear under the Items tab in the App while packaged items that can be sold separately appear under the Bundles tab in the App.

  • Prioritize Items and Kits before Bundles on the Discover More module to display individual items before showing the packaged bundles that use similar imagery and can appear as duplicates to the end consumer.


5.67/5.68 Release - October 2020

  • Search results now include Collections. The results for Collections and Items are found under separate tabs. The results found for Collections are matched based on the Collection name and description.

  • If there is an issue with product data, you can report it directly from within the app. The new "Report an issue" button is located on the product page at the bottom of the Specs tab. The popup form allows you to describe the issue and optionally provide your phone number and/or email so our data team can follow up with you.

5.69/5.70/5.71 Release - November 2020

  • Option to remove 1,000 products search limit. Removing the 1,000 product limit shows all possible filter options and products rather than limiting the number of results. Removing the limit may cause performance issues in the app, specifically loading time.

5.72/5.73 Release - December 2020

  • Customizable financing options. The "Apply for Financing" button is customizable to allow you to add a URL link of your choice and to edit and customize the content around the financing application button.

5.74/5.75 Release - January 2021

  • The kiosk hides filters when searching for products that are not present.

  • Device setting option to limit additional images stored offline for a device to reduce the loading time for catalogs.

5.76/5.77 Release - February 2021

  • Filter options are reordered and auto-expanded after selection.

5.78/5.79/5.80 Release - March & April 2021

  • Toast message after order submitted with a default message.

  • The Category filter is treated the same as other filter attributes. The category attribute is the first and only filter to auto-expand when navigating to a category page until the user makes another selection.

  • The kiosk shows an error message when making a 0$ purchase.

  • The 'Clearing all' filter brings the user to its original search result.

  • Support multiple categories for an item.

5.81 - 5.85 Release - May & June 2021

  • "Availability" filter option in the app to narrow results to items that are "In Stock" or "In Stock & Coming Soon".
  • Loading indicator and load time improvements of the app.
  • Automatic real-time inventory check on the product details page. Includes tap to refresh functionality.

5.86 - 5.90 Release - July 2021

  • Modify the visibility of “Manufacturer” and “Consumer Brand” data on the product details page of the Kiosk App.
  • For filter options in the App, you can see a count of the available options under an attribute before expanding the attribute set. Once expanded, on the right side of each attribute, there is a numeric count of the products that contain this attribute.

  • The filter attributes auto-expand in the predefined order independent of which attributes are manually expanded and selected from.
  • ‘Collections’ are filtered the same way ‘Items’ are when using filter attributes to narrow down selection in the app. 

5.91 - 5.94 Release - October 2021

  • Search filters in the App automatically include Dynamic Attribute fields to refine search results. 

5.95 - 5.98 Release - December 2021

  • All filter attributes are shown in the App, even if only 1 option is available. For example, the most typical example is Brand, where a search may only return products from 1 brand. The attribute filters will remain hidden if no options are available (current behavior, unchanged).

  • Users can edit the disclaimer that appears above the “Proceed to Checkout” button. The default text for the Shopping Cart disclaimer is "Discounts, charges, and fees may apply."

5.99 - 5.103 Release - February 2022

  • Updated 'Call to Actions' in the Shopping cart for Online, In-Store, and Financing options.

5.105 - 5.107 Release - April 2022

  • Dynamic In-Store Checkout Form - Choose which fields to include in your shopping cart form and which fields are required.

  • In-Store Checkout Webhooks - Use webhooks to send shopping cart form fills and cart information to your desired endpoint.
  • Image storage improvements

5.108 - 5.111 Release - June 2022

  • Prioritize in-stock local inventory when browsing or searching for products in the app.
  • Variants in App - variants in product color, material, configuration, and style (and more) of a single product are available within the product page to switch between options rather than leaving the page to find the variant as a standalone product.

5.112 - 5.114 Release - July 2022

  • CSV Import can include additional properties like: Customer SKU, Rank, Video URL.
  • Manufacturers with zero products are filtered out from Manufacturer Rules.
  • Shared Product Emails and Text - Choose to include pricing in shared product emails with the availability to include a disclaimer message.

5.115 - 5.117 Release - August 2022

  • Kit Pricing can be overridden, and pricing can be defined by individual prices of the components.

5.118 - 5.121 Release - October 2022

  • Manually add products at all account levels.
  • CAM users can retrieve kiosk usage analytics with a custom date range.

5.122 - 5.123 Release - November 2022

  • Variant options selected will display in shopping cart.
  • Collection pages can be shared via email or text.

5.124 - 5.125 Release - December 2022

  • Quantity per package is indicated at checkout.
  • Packaging data is considered in the cost calculation.

5.126 - 5.128 Release - January 2023

  • (Beta) Portrait mode for iPad, Chromebox, and Large Screens.

5.129 - 5.130 Release - February 2023

  • Discover more panel is visible in collections.

5.131 - 5.132 Release - March 2023

  • SFTP-based inventory can appear alongside API-based inventory on the product details page.
  • 'Hot Deals' initiative for Ashley Spring Sale products.
  • Kit and bundled SKUs freight cost is calculated using components when not available from the data provider.

5.133 - 5.134 Release - April 2023

  • Analytics include shared collections and financing applications.

5.135 - 5.136 Release - May 2023

  • Collections are included in the Search dropdown when searching for SKU in the CK App.

5.137 - 5.142 Release - August 2023

  • Android App has been updated and released in the Google Play store.
  • Android App has portrait mode available.

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