How to Install the Wondersign Catalog Kiosk App on an Android Tablet

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Requirements/Tools Needed:

  • The Catalog Kiosk application requires at least 8GB of storage on your tablet. Please make sure you have storage available before installing the app and downloading product data.
  • The app is only compatible with Android version 7.1.2 or newer.
  • Update your Android Chrome’s System Web View to recent version.
  • Confirm your tablet has an internet connection.

Please Note: Products can generate cost on certain data plans, therefore, Wondersign strongly recommends using a WiFi connection. Wondersign cannot be held liable for incurred cost due to usage of a cellular connection while using Catalog Kiosk for Android.

Getting Started

1. Access the tablet's Google Play Store



2. Search for “Wondersign Catalog Kiosk”.

Google play.png


3. When the entry appears, select Install. After the App is 

Wondersign Catalog Kiosk - Apps on Google Play 2023-08-23 15-16-45.png


4. Once the app launches, enter the same login credentials used for



Please Note: The device can also be connected to an existing account through the use of a pairing code (link below the login button). The device will then display a 6-digit pairing code. As the pairing code is displayed, visit and enter the pairing code in the “Devices” section.

5. The kiosk will now download the store’s assigned products directly to the tablet.


Please Note: If the device provides an error stating “No products assigned” (see image below), visit and assign products. For instructions on assigning products and pricing, visit the help article: How to Manage Products to Display


6. Catalog Kiosk is ready to use when the Home Screen (see below) is shown:


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