Wondersign's Data API Solution

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The biggest challenge with product data is keeping it current and synchronized across multiple channels. Your Wondersign In-Store Kiosk automatically updates your product data, and displays packages and kitted SKUs. However, your product website, your online store, your Amazon local listing, and even your social media product ad might be out of sync.


Consistency across all platforms is necessary to compete in today's retail world. It’s time for clean data online and in-store. Offer shoppers and guests a seamless product discovery experience across ALL your channels

What's Included in My Data Feed?

Your data feed includes:

  • All product details - SKU, Title, Description, Dimensions, Weight, Brand, etc.
  • An explosion of Single Item SKUs in Packages and Pieces Per Package
  • Landed Cost, Retail, and List Price
  • Navigation between Categories and Subcategories
  • Real-Time Inventory (local and manufacturers when available)


Shop-By-Scene for Your Website

The Data API feed includes the raw product data for the main image, the x and y coordinates for the "hot spot" markers, and the SKUs associated with each marker. This allows your website developer to build a shop-by-scene experience to replicate the collection page on the Wondersign Catalog Kiosk app.


Show Off Your Product Variants - Instead Of Duplicates

Your feed is formatted for a better shopping experience. The product data makes it easy to sell products with feature variants such as color, configuration options, or size.



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