How to Connect Your Shopify Store for Online Checkout and Shared Products

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Please Note: Retailers that use Wondersign's Product Data API or Direct Sync with Shopify, can connect their in-store devices and their Shopify store. An active Data API subscription with Wondersign is required.


Requirements/Tools Needed:

  • Sign in to using the Google Chrome web browse
  • In case of an incorrect installation, to uninstall the app, it needs to be deleted from Shopify and could take up to 48 hours until it is removed from your account

Getting Started

1. To install the Shopify Online Checkout App for Wondersign you need to create your unique installation URL. Your URL will begin with the following:


After the "=" add your unique Shopify store name (the part before "").



If your Shopify store URL is your store name is "rocky-point-furniture".


The unique installation URL would then be:


2. Enter the final URL into your browser.


3. Follow the installation steps to install the application to your Shopify store and enter your login credentials for the Catalog App Manager for the account you want to install online checkout for.


4. In your Wondersign account, click the Devices tab in the top navigation.


5. Click the Settings button in the Device Groups side panel on the right.


6. Click the Cart Configuration menu to expand the section.


7. Select a Checkout Method under the Cart Configuration settings. To offer an online checkout option for the app select Online Only or Offer Both Options.

Please Note: If you don't have the option to allow online checkouts, please get in touch with our team. This is only available on the Data API plan and your subscription might need to be upgraded.


8. Save Changes. To see the changes on all your in-store devices immediately, you can now sync individual in-store devices or sync all devices.


How the App Integration Works

1. The shopper taps the Send As Text/Email button to share a product with themselves.


2. The shopper completes the form with the requested information and accepts the disclaimer. A confirmation message on the screen confirms that the message has been sent successfully.


3. The shopper receives a text or email (depending on the method chosen) with product information or a link to view the product details. The link will take the shopper to the same item on your Shopify website.



4. Once the shopper populates the shopping cart with the items they would like to purchase, they tap the Shopping Cart icon and then select Proceed to Checkout.


5. The shopper selects Mobile Checkout (Pay with your mobile device).


6. The shopper completes steps 1-3 of the form with their information, accepts the disclaimer, and selects Send Checkout Link.


7. The shopper receives a text with a link that leads to a pre-populated cart in your Shopify store for the user to pay online. If the shopper used their email in the form, they will receive an email with the cart contents and a button link to Check Out Now. This button leads to a pre-populated cart in your Shopify store.


Text Example:


Email Example:


Checkout Page Example:

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