How to Offer Remote Co-Browsing of Your Catalog Kiosk

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Despite "social distancing" the Wondersign Desktop App replaces in-store consultations with virtual appointments with remote shoppers

What is Co-Browsing?
Co-browsing mimics the consultative sales process in your store. This form of remote selling gives you the opportunity to successfully navigate a consumer climate that is currently dominated by headlines about COVID-19. While shoppers remain away from public places, give them ways to explore your entire product line-up remotely, while still offering them the guided experience they seek.  

Why Use Co-browsing?

  • Reach your customers where they are today

  • Retain the personal and consultative shopping experience

  • Offer your full product line remotely


How to Set up Co-Browsing

1. Install the Catalog Kiosk app on your computer.
2. Pair this app to your CAM account.
3. Open the Catalog Kiosk app on your computer.
4. Begin a co-browsing session:

*Pairing a computer will require an additional license. You will be automatically billed for the additional usage.

Tips for the Presenter

  • Encourage the customer to use a computer when joining your meeting. 

  • Make sure you have a reliable internet connection.

  • Make sure you have proper audio installed, or talk to your customer over the phone while browsing.

  • If you want to provide the option for the user to self-navigate, use Zoom instead of Google Hangouts. It allows you to give your shopper control of the mouse.

Gathering a Customer Contact List

Have your RSAs (Retail Sales Associates) contact past customers and leads you have generated over time. Use your in-store offers or previous items they’ve viewed to pique interest and spark a conversation. Consider setting up local and online ads to pique new interest. 


Need Help Putting Together a Lead List of Customers?

Use the Share & Shop Reports in the Catalog App Manager (CAM) to gather contact information from guests who have used the kiosk in your store. Any shopper who has sent products or shopping carts to themselves via email or text will appear here.

Pro Tip: if you have multiple stores under one account, sort by “Device” to view the customer contact information that has been collected on the devices at that particular store’s location.

If you don't have a way to charge customers over the Internet, PayPal might be a solution for you. Through their platform, you can request up to $10,000 by creating a simple invoice and sending it to your customer via email.

For more detailed information on how to access the customer contact information collected on your kiosk, check out How to Use Share & Shop to See Detailed Customer Data and How to Access Email & Text Message Reports.


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