How to Use the Hamburger Menu

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The Hamburger Menu in the top right corner of the header bar, gives you and your guests access to additional menu options as well as the category tree for quick navigation from the side panel of the Catalog Kiosk app.

From the menu, you are able to access:

Getting Started

1. Tap the Hamburger Bar icon (⌸) in the top right corner of the screen to display the side panel.



2. A menu displays in the right side panel.




1. Tap Home in the side panel to navigate to the Attractor Screen.


2. Alternatively, tap the Home icon or logo in the top left corner of the header bar to return to the Attractor Screen


Please Note: You can customize the Attractor Screen by uploading a logo to replace the Home icon in the How to Add Your Logo article.

Shopping Cart

1. Tap Shopping Cart to display your cart.


2. The Your Cart page opens with all items in the shopping cart.



Browse To

The Browse To ... feature will only display in the Hamburger Menu if you have added websites to the list of available links that guests can browse from within the Catalog Kiosk app.

Please Note: It does not allow guests to cross-shop or browse unapproved internet sites. Refer to How to Add or Change Websites on the Kiosk to learn more on how to add websites in the Catalog App Manager.

1. Tap Browse To ... to open the list of available websites.


2. Tap the website link from the side panel you wish to browse.


3. The website opens for guests to browse in the session.



Change Language

Use the Change Language feature to change the in-app language used for the current session of the Catalog Kiosk app.

1. Tap Change Language from the side panel.



2. The available language options display in the Change Language side panel. Choose a radio button to select a language.


Navigate Using the Category Tree

The category tree in the Hamburger Menu is the fastest way to navigate to a category from anywhere in the app.


1. Tap the plus (+) or minus (-) icons to expand or collapse the category tree.


2. Tap a category from the menu to navigate to and shop for items and collections in that category.


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