How to Reset a Forgotten Password in the Commerce Automation Manager (CAM)

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Requirements/Tools Needed:

  • User must know the email address associated with the account
  • Sign in to using the Google Chrome browser

Getting Started

1. On the login page, click Forgot Password.



2. Type in the email address associated with the account, then click Reset Password.



3. The message below will confirm that the email has been sent with the link to reset the password.



4. A link to reset the password will be sent to the email address entered. Open the email and click on Reset My Password.



5. In the space provided, enter the new password using the Password Creation criteria listed below. Please note that you will need to enter the new password twice. 

Your password must include:

  • At least one number.
  • At least one lowercase letter.
  • At least one uppercase letter.
  • At least six characters in length.

As you complete each password rule, you will see a green checkmark next to the requirement. Click Submit.



6. Once you have reset the password, you will be brought back to the login screen to enter the account.


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