How to Get Started Customizing Your Catalog App

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Requirements/Tools Needed:

Getting Started

1. Navigate to the device management page by clicking Devices in the navigation menu at the top of the page.


2. The device management page comprises two sections:

  • On the left: A list of all devices activated on your account.

  • On the right: A list of device groups.


Device groups allow customization settings to be applied to all devices assigned to that specific group. Each account will start with a Default Group where all devices will be assigned; to edit the customization settings of the device group, click the Gear Icon next to the device group name.


3. To customize the kiosk appearance and functionality, configure settings in each of the following sections.

  • Name Edit - Click the Pencil Icon to edit the name of the device group.

  • Branding - The branding section allows for the customization of the kiosk logo that appears in the top left, and the kiosk attractor screen.

  • Catalog and Scene Collection Assignment - If a custom catalog has been created, the Catalog and Pod Assignment section can be used to choose between them. Ashley's Lifestyle Pods can be configured from this section, as well.

  • Price Display - Price display allows you to enable or disable prices. If prices are enabled, the appearance of prices can be edited by changing the fonts, colors, and pricing labels of each price.

  • Cart Configuration - The Cart Configuration section provides the ability to disable the cart, extend the cart timeout (how long until the cart automatically empties after no activity), and select the desired email address where shopping cart emails will be delivered to.

  • Store-to-shopper Communication - The settings that control emails and text messages sent from the kiosk are configured within this section. 

  • Advanced Configuration -  This section provides options for managing websites on the kiosk, how products are sorted in categories, Direct Express designation, SKU appearance on the kiosk, and warehouse availability stock amount.

  • Disclaimers - The Disclaimers section gives full control over the legal verbiage that appears on the kiosk, and in text messages and emails.

Please Note: For full instructions regarding kiosk customization using device groups, please visit How Customize Your Devices Using Device Groups.


4. Once kiosk customization settings are complete and saved, click Devices.


5. If additional device groups are required, click Create Group.


6. Enter the requested information for the new device group, then click Finish on the bottom right of the screen.

Please Note: You can import settings from an already existing device group by selecting the import checkbox and choosing a source device group from the drop-down list. 


7. The next screen will allow full customization of the device group. Once the new device group has been customized, navigate back to the device management page by clicking Devices.


8. The device management page will now display the additional device group. If you need to add additional device groups repeat steps 6-8 as necessary.

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