How to Separate Image URLs in Spreadsheets

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When using the Data Export in the Catalog App Manager (CAM), your product data is downloaded in a neutral CSV format. To import your data into a 3rd party service such as Facebook Shop, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Shopping, etc. it may require reformatting to fit their specific requirements.

The most common requirement is to separate additional image URLs so they can be uploaded as individual fields.

Getting Started

Microsoft Excel

To learn how to create individual fields, please use this resource for separating columns in Excel.

Google Sheets

1. Open the CSV file in Google Sheets. Highlight the column or cells that you want to separate the URLs from. Create new empty columns adjacent to your original column where each individual URL can populate.


Please Note: Be sure to add enough columns to support the number of URLs you are separating or else you might overwrite columns, such as the "category" column seen in the image above.

2. In the main menu click Data and select Split text to columns from the drop-down.


3. Select Comma from the Separator drop-down menu.


Please Note: Google Sheets will often Detect automatically and separate columns automatically by commas.

Your URLs are now separated into individual columns and you can upload this file to Facebook Shops or other 3rd party services.


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