My Kiosk’s Touchscreen Is Only Responsive in Certain Areas or Is Not Responsive

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If the kiosk is only responsive in certain areas, or not responsive, check to ensure touchscreen is free from dust and debris, check cables for proper connectivity, and wipe and re-enroll the Chromebox if needed.


Please Note: These steps are for diagnosing issues on the Wondersign Catalog Kiosk App running on a 42" or larger Touchscreen.


Getting Started

Ensure Touchscreen is Free from Dust and Debris

1. The touchscreen may become unresponsive as dust & debris collect on the screen. Use a microfiber cloth (recommended) or a gentle application of canned air to clean the face of the screen.


2. The touchscreen uses a series of infrared sensors that run along the inside edge of the touchscreen. Ensure the edges (as indicated below) are also free from dust & debris.


Some touchscreen models also utilize an optical sensor on the inside corner of the touchscreen (see below). Please ensure the lens is also free of dust and debris.

If the touchscreen is still unresponsive, refer to the other troubleshooting steps in this article.


Check Cables for Proper Connectivity

1. Access the Chromebox that is connected to the ELO touchscreen, which is typically located in the kiosk stand.


2. Ensure the following cables are secured in the back of the Chromebox:


1. Power 2. Ethernet (if using WiFi, no cable will be attached)

3. USB (or)

3b. USB-C



3. Remove the cable cover located on the back right side of the monitor to access the touchscreen’s connector panel. Once removed, ensure the USB or USB-C cable from the Chromebox connects to the "Touch USB" port in the back of the touchscreen. Follow the same process for the HDMI cable running from the Chromebox to the touchscreen.


The ports used in the back of the touchscreen are indicated below.


Please Note: The HDMI & Touch USB ports connect to the Chromebox. The AC Power In connects to an electrical outlet.



4. Return to the touchscreen to ensure the kiosk is functioning properly. If not, continue to the next troubleshooting process below.



Wipe and Re-Enroll the Chromebox

Requirements/Tools Needed: 

  • USB Keyboard

  • Paperclip


1. Turn off the Chromebox by holding the power button down for 5 seconds. When complete the power light will be off.


2. Connect a USB Keyboard to the front of the Chromebox, and put a paperclip into the recovery button hole.



3. Press down the recovery button with the paperclip while turning on the Chromebox.


Please Note: the image above is for an Asus brand Chromebox. The power button may look slightly different with a different model but will be located on the front or top of the Chromebox.


4. As the screen boots up, a yellow/orange exclamation point will appear. Now, press Ctrl+D on the keyboard.


5. When the below screen appears, press the recovery button with the paperclip again.


6. When the below screen appears, press the spacebar on the keyboard, then press Enter to confirm.


7. The screen below will appear, and the Chromebox will reboot.


8. Once powered on, the Chromebox will display the first setup screen. Press the Tab key on the keyboard to navigate to the "Select a Network" section. After configuring your WiFi connection, select Continue.

Please Note: If you are using a wired LAN connection, there is no need to choose a WIFi network; the Chromebox will connect automatically.


9. Please read the Google OS Terms carefully, and then select Accept and Continue.


10. Once the login screen appears (see below), choose an option to get to the enrollment screen:

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+E.

  • Click More options - Enterprise enrollment (not available on Chromebook tablets)


11. Once on the Enterprise Enrollment Screen, enter the login credentials for the Wondersign Catalog Kiosk application.

Enterprise Enrollment Login Credentials

User Name: Password: wondersign


12. After successful enterprise enrollment, the below screen will appear. Press Enter to proceed.


13. The Chromebox will automatically install and launch the Wondersign application.


14. The Kiosk’s “Attractor Screen” will now be displayed, and the Kiosk should be fully operational.

If a 6-digit pairing code appears, see How to Activate a Device.

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