I Changed ISPs or Updated the WiFi Password, and Now the Kiosk Can't Connect to the Internet

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Whether you have a new internet service provider or need to update the WiFi password, you may need to reconnect the kiosk to the internet. Information below is provided for a 32" or Larger Touchscreen or a 22" Touchscreen.

Requirements/Tools Needed:

  • USB keyboard

Getting Started

32" or Larger Touchscreen

1. Turn off the Chromebox by holding the power button down for 5 seconds. When complete the power light will be off.


2. Connect a USB Keyboard to the front of the Chromebox.


3. Turn the Chromebox back on, and as it’s booting up, press Ctrl + Alt + S repeatedly. If done correctly, the Chromebox login screen should appear (see below).


Please Note: If the Catalog Kiosk app loads, repeat step 3 until the Chromebox login screen appears

4. Click on the time in the bottom right to have the system tray appear. Once it appears, click on the WiFi option, which will say “No network”.


5. Next, a list of available networks will appear. Choose the desired WiFi connection from the list:


6. When prompted, enter in the WiFi password, then choose “Connect”


7. Once connected to the network, click on “Apps” on the bottom left corner of the screen, click on “Wondersign Catalog Kiosk” to launch the app.


22" Touchscreen

1. Access the kiosk’s Control Panel by pressing the “Home + Power” buttons simultaneously, as indicated below:


If prompted for a password to access the control panel, enter "1elo"

2. From the kiosk’s control panel menu, select “Network”.


3. From the list of available WiFi networks, tap the network you wish to connect the device to, then enter the network’s password. Once connected, a green check mark will be displayed next to the name of the network:



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