How To Set Up a 24" or 27" Tabletop Kiosk (Elo 70-Series)

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Requirements/Tools Needed:

  • Phillips Screwdriver (not included in shipment)
  • Box Cutter (or similar) to remove protective stickers
  • One available power outlet
  • Table or counter to place the kiosk on


Monitor Box (From Elo Touch) Contents:

  • Elo 24" or 27" touch screen
  • Power, HDMI, and USB (touch) Cords


Computer & Accessories Box (From Wondersign) Contents:

  • ASUS Chromebox (incl. VESA mount)
  • 3ft Power Extension Cord
  • Y-Splitter Power Cord
  • Screen Cleaner & Microfiber cloth
  • Wondersign Support sticker


Getting Started

Step 1

Remove the screw protectors (small black stickers) from the back of the Elo Touch screen to expose the screw heads.




Step 2

Use your Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws from the Elo Touch panel. Once the Chromebox is mounted to the back of the screen, these screws will not be used any longer.



Step 3

Locate the VESA mount (metal plate & screws in bags) in the Chromebox packaging. Use the printed VESA install guide for reference.



Step 4

Following the instructions in the printed VESA mount manual, attach the plate to the back of the Elo touch screen (using the provided M4 screws that come with black spacers attached). Please make sure the UP arrow points towards the Elo logo at the top of the screen.



Step 5

According to the printed VESA mount instructions, remove the small screw holding the lock mechanism in place. This is to be able to slide out the little lock arm - allowing the Chromebox to be mounted to the VESA mount in the next step.



Step 6

In the Chromebox packaging, locate the two screws to be attached to the underside of the Chromebox. Use your Phillips screwdriver to attach these screws to the bottom of the Chromebox. These screws will connect the Chromebox and VESA mounting plate.



Step 7

According to the VESA mount instructions, attach the Chromebox to the VESA mount plate. Slide the lock arm back into the VESA mount. Re-attach the screw to secure the lock arm and keep the Chromebox in place. For details, please refer to the paper instructions.



Step 8

Plug in Power, HDMI, and USB Type-B (shown below from left to right) to the corresponding ports of the Elo touch screen.



Step 9

Plug in USB (for touch), HDMI (video signal), and power (show below from left to right) to the corresponding ports of the ASUS Chromebox.



Step 10

Use the provided cable ties to clean up the cords and keep them hidden behind the screen.



Step 11

Fold out the screen's kick stand and set up the screen on the table / surface where you would like it to use.



Step 12

Attach the Wondersign sticker to the back of the screen. This sticker displays the Wondersign Support phone number and email address, along with the knowledge base URL for future reference.



Step 13

Remove the plastic screen protector film and - if needed - use the provided screen cleaner and microfiber cloth to clean the screen for first use.



Step 14

Use the Y-splitter (to power both Chromebox and screen from the same cord) to connect your screen/Chromebox combo to a nearby power outlet. Once connected to power, turn on both the Chromebox and the screen using the respective power buttons.



Step 15

Your table-top kiosk is now ready for use. IMPORTANT: Your preloaded Chromebox is not yet online. Please follow the link in the next step (Step 16) to connect your Chromebox to the Internet.

24 or 27 Tabletop Kiosk.png


Step 16

To connect your Chromebox to the Internet, please refer to this article.


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